Gravy Train Dog Food Review

For every pet lover, owner, and promoter finding the best food sources can be an intimidating task.

The Gravy Train Dog Food review helps narrow down your search for the perfect plant-based blend for your pooch.

You’ll find that this dog food’s recipe blend includes many familiar ingredients that ensure a balanced diet for a healthy, happy, and active dog.

Gravy Train Dog Food

Gravy Train Dog Food is built on the premise of providing palatable formulas with rich nutritional values.

With over 60 years of experience developing pet food that ensures vitality, the company believes in providing high-quality, nourishing blends for dogs of all ages.

The dog food contains a careful blend of protein and fibrous content that helps with digestion and muscle recovery.

Combined with digestible ingredients, the rich meaty smell of beef makes this dog food highly palatable and easier to transition to.

You can easily switch within days without having to work actively towards weaning your dog off their previous food.

We also particularly love how you can serve the Gravy Train Dog Food in two ways: dry kibble or gravy.

Whether your pet prefers a crunchy meal or a rich wet one, you are well catered for as a parent.

Despite the way it’s served, wet or dry, every serving provides a wholesome meal with an adequate level of nutrition.

Containing a predominately plant-based blend made with essential fats and proteins, the Gravy Train Dog Food helps manage weight requirements.

It also helps build muscle strength and keep them active with high energy levels.

We love that this dog food is labeled “Complete and Balanced” since it gives pet owners comfort knowing that all ingredients are authentic and regulated.

Who Is This Dog Food Made For?

A glance at the ingredient list will reiterate the high nutritional value of the Gravy Train Dog Food.

Dog owners understand the value in opting for a blend that contains high protein content, medium amounts of fat, and a relatively smaller amount of carbohydrates.

This dog food recipe is carefully crafted to ensure all these requirements are adequately met for a pooch of any age group.

Unless your dog has any specific dietary concerns or allergies, this dog food is a great mid-tier blend for all breeds.

If you are looking for a blend that ensures high energy levels and active muscle building with adequate weight management, this is a great option.

Also, managing your dog’s food-related tantrums has never been easier.

That’s because each scoop can be served dry or wet depending on personal preferences.

Since the Gravy Train Dog Food is made predominantly with plant-based sources, we found it extremely gentle on the pooch’s digestive systems.

Therefore, making this a great option for older dogs with slower metabolic rates and young pups with growing nutritional needs.

To ensure adequate bowel movements, any good dog food will pack in the necessary moisture with fibrous content.

We found this recipe packed with enough fiber to regulate digestion and extra capacity to increase moisture-level by adding water to create a gravy.

What’s Included?

The Gravy Train Dog Food comes packaged in an attractive resealable red bag perfect for short-term storage or travel purposes.

However, because of the dog food’s dry nature, we recommend opting for a food-safe container that will help preserve its long shelf life.

The canine’s sense of smell is stronger than any we know of, making it all the more necessary for preserving the crunchiness in every kibble.

We also recommend storing the Gravy Train Dog Food in dry and moderate temperatures to prevent it from going bad.

Excess moisture can lead to mold and bacterial growth that can harm the dog’s digestive system and make it sick.

Overview of Features

Some of the essential things you need to know about the Gravy Train Dog Food are:

  • Certified “Complete and Balanced” by AAFCO

Many pet owners feel confident in opting for branded foods that are certified by an expert regulatory body.

Fortunately, the Gravy Train dog food is certified “Complete and Balanced” by AAFCO, making it a safe and healthy option for your pet.

Managing healthy diets can be tricky, especially if you have a picky eater.

This dog food contains all the essential nutrients required to ensure a healthy dog’s vitality and longevity.

Here is a list of the essential nutritional blend found in every serving of Gravy Train Dog Food:

  • Crude Protein: Minimum 17%
  • Crude Fat: Minimum 8%
  • Crude Fiber: Maximum 4%
  • Moisture: Maximum 10%

Additionally, we found a variety of essential vitamins and minerals in every serving.

These include, calcium (0.6% min), phosphorus (0.50% min), potassium (0.60% min), sodium (0.25% min), and zinc. 

  • Plant-Based Protein Content

We found a uniquely high concentration of plant-based protein content in the Gravy Train Dog Food.

Since a high protein diet is essential, especially for adult dogs, the additional plant-based protein contents help fill in the gap wherever necessary. 

The high concentration of soybean meal content in the ingredient list guarantees an inexpensive plant-based protein source combined with some carbohydrates.

Essentially, soybean meal is made up of 48% protein content; however, it is often considered controversial because of its lower biological value than meat.

Despite this, we still recommend the Gravy Train Dog Food because of the high concentration of its separate meat-based protein content.

  • Meat and Bone Meal

Besides plant-based protein content, meat and bone meal are added to the recipe to incorporate meat-based protein in the pooch’s diet.

Although mentioned as a third and fourth ingredient in terms of placement, we are confident that the combined concentration meets adequate nutritional value.

These protein-rich meat concentrates ensure a balanced blend of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, calcium, and phosphorus.

Meat, in general capacities, refers to muscle tissue or flesh from any animal slaughtered for consumption. 

Although the animal in reference is not particularly identified, this pet food does not mention any particular allergens that can be otherwise harmful.

The preparation of bone meal consists of a combination of cooking, drying, and grinding to help preserve essential trace elements of minerals.

These include calcium and phosphorus that are necessary for the development of the musculoskeletal system.

Unless your pet has any specific digestibility issues, having meat and bone meal as essential ingredients in your dog food is a good thing.

  • High Energy Levels

We found corn listed as the first ingredient and were immediately satisfied because of its ability to enhance energy levels.

Although a cereal grain is usually used in dog foods as a bulking agent, corn is known for providing a gluten-free carbohydrate source.

If your pooch suffers from gluten-related allergies, then having this ingredient in the recipe is a plus point.

Besides its ability to provide high levels of energy, corn also contains essential fibrous content, vitamins, and minerals that help with digestibility.

Unless your dog has an identified gran allergy, the corn content will not upset their stomach.

On the contrary, it will help regulate stool and protect against detrimental health concerns.


  • Two ways to serve
  • Increased plant-based protein content
  • Clear serving instructions on the packaging
  • Labeled “Complete and balanced” by AAFCO
  • Long shelf life


  • Corn as a leading source of protein
  • Contains an artificial beef flavor

How to Use the Gravy Train Dog Food

Whether you are a new pet parent or a seasoned one, the manufacturers have included a comprehensive serving chart for reference.

The chart can help owners control portion sizes to adequately meet their pet’s necessary nutritional needs.

These are presented according to the weight and size of the dog so that pet owners can adjust serving sizes to ensure a balanced diet.

The feeding guide identifies using the chart to serve an adult dog once a day and advises against feeding pups younger than one year.

It also advises against feeding pregnant dogs and suggests adjusting the serving size, especially since it affects activity and energy levels.

As a general rule of thumb, all pet owners should keep track of their dog’s weight according to breed.

Any sudden variations and fluctuations in weight may require consulting a specialist and adjusting serving sizes accordingly.

Additionally, for easy transitioning, it is recommended to allow up to ten days with moderately substituting the new food with the old and gradually increasing.


If you are looking for a high concentration of meat-based protein, then the Wellness Complete Health Dry Dog Food is a great alternative to consider.

The bulk of protein in this recipe is derived from chicken and chicken meals which ensures a high concentration of 27% protein.

Additionally, at 13% fat concentration, it has a combined fat-to-protein ratio of 50%, making it a super healthy alternative.

We particularly recommend this alternative for pets that prefer white meat options compared to red meat ones found in beef-flavored dog foods.

It also matches the preliminary dietary intake of grains via oatmeal, barley, and brown rice found in the recipe.

Together, these form about 52% of the complete carbohydrate concentration in every serving.

However, if a certified veterinarian recommended your pet a grain-free diet, then we do not recommend the Wellness Complete Health Dry Dog Food.

Some dogs have dietary restrictions, and grain-based food may not suit their digestive capacities and lead to severe health issues.

While this is great grain-inclusive dog food, we recommend due diligence regarding dietary requirements before usage.

Gravy Train Dog Food Review: The Verdict

As identified in our detailed Gravy Train Dog Food Review, it has a high protein concentration sourced from carefully selected plants and meat.

Combined with other essential nutrients, this dog food by Gravy Train is a great option to consider for your adult dogs, except those allergic to gran.