How to stop your Labrador Leaping up on People

Dogs are the real friends of humans and probably you don’t have any confusion on that. Dogs are well known for their behaviors and intelligence. So we all know that almost everything is possible by giving them some sort of training. So the dog lovers, you should know that this article is dealing with some amazing information about the behavior of Labrador Retrievers. Yes you may be facing a problem that whenever anyone walk in from your front door, your Labrador leaps on everyone. Does your Labrador bounce on everyone when you take him or her for a walk? You may be battling to stop your dog from jumping up on people but that will never work. Of course there’s a solution. So for that read this full article and you will get the proper solution.

First of all, you will have to know that why Dogs jump up?

Like every other things, there is also a fact behind the jumping of dogs. Dogs jump up to reach the face as they always looks up to reach your face. You will notice that whenever a mother dog greet her babies, they will reach to the face and give a response. They will always want to lick the sides of the mouth. Mainly this behavior is seen in the puppies and this persists for a long time in some cases. This is a normal behavior for dogs during their young age and it slowly reduces with their age.

How to stop your Labrador Leaping up on Everyone 1

Does Labradors Jump up more?

The answer is obviously yes and it is because the Labradors are friendlier than other various dogs. They are very social and generally take a long time to reach their maturity. Labradors are very playful in nature and are often very emotional. They become very excited within a very short things and that’s the reason the jumping up behavior is something more in Labradors than any other breeds.

How to stop your Labrador Leaping up on Everyone 2

Jumping up a worse problem?

There are few pet owners or animal lovers who never minds if a dog jump up on them. But for most of the people it seems a great problem. Normally an adult Labrador weighs about 70-80 pounds and that is a great weight for children. Sometimes due to the jumping up of dogs our clothes also gets ruined. But this is something that should be stopped when it is really making a problem to others.

How to stop your Labrador Leaping up on Everyone 3

Now we people try out a lot of things that helps us sometimes to stop these dogs but actually there is no benefit
in trying out ineffective ways. Rather you should go for some effective ways that will give you the assurance in solving the problem. Here are some good ways that will really work for the jumping up problem in Labradors.

How to stop your Labrador Leaping up on People?

There are mainly two approaches by which you can try out.

1. Management: Physically preventing the dog from jumping up.

2. Training: This teaches not to jump on anyone they see in front of them.

At first we will have to go through the ‘Management process’ in which we will have to prevent the dog from jumping up by some managerial procedures and the next we will have to go through the training procedure which means that they will be taught to greet the guests in a polite way. These two procedures mix up to form a great good result.

Management process: Here you will learn how to prevent your dog from jumping up. This is nothing so hard. Actually jumping up is a self rewarding process of dogs. They become very happy when they jump up. So they will try to do it more and more. But you will have to control that. First of all try to control them by holding their collar. If this doesn’t works then you will have try out a body harness or a head collar. Next you should try out with a ‘House line’. This is a simple short training lead that helps in grasping the whole body nicely. So actually you can think that harnesses, collar and house line are just simply management tools that will help you to manage the jumping up of Labradors.

How to stop your Labrador Leaping up on Everyone 5

Training Process: Once you bring your dog in a managed situation now you will have to start up with the training procedure. Yes train them to greet people politely. Now you will have to choose an alternative behavior to jumping by which you will train them. For example you can train them to sit and say hello or you can train them to put all their paws flat on the floor. In order to succeed in the training process, you will have to keep in mind about various other things like frequent treats, distract the dog, mark the behavior and follow the mark with the reward.

How to stop your Labrador Leaping up on Everyone 6

So by doing all these lovely procedures you will see that now you are getting good results and your dog is not jumping like before. If you can do all the above process in the correct way you can be sure it is going to work out.