5 Tips Helps You in Two Legged and Four Legged Kids Bonding

Some people think that it is impossible to have a pet when their baby is small. But the fact is not like that. Pet can be also treated like a baby. If your pet is already grown up and recently you are expecting a new member in your family then there are some ways by which you can keep them together in a same home.

Pets like Cats and Dogs are not harmful instead they are quiet lovable towards their owner’s family. Everything depends on our imagination, yes it sounds awesome but it depends on what we are thinking about these animals and what we are trying to teach them. It is possible to create bond between your baby and your pet and the details discussion goes below.

Helping your two legged and Four legged baby bond1

Everything depends on how you are training your pet. They learn everything from the training given by you. So you can make an idea what an important role your training plays in this matter. Get some pet training knowledge over internet or if you think you need some practical training, take help from any of your nearest pet trainers.

But pet training knowledge is very essential. Understanding your pet’s body language and facial expression is a vital point. And at last there are also some steps of training which will teach you to make a strong bond between your two legged and four legged babies.

Helping your two legged and Four legged baby bond2

Tips Helps You in Two Legged and Four Legged Kids Bonding :

Whenever a new member comes to your home, pets start feeling jealous. Yes this is probably right. Actually if a new member comes in your home and these pets, specially cat and dogs starts getting less attention from you, they will start feeling jealous of the new member. Keep in mind that this jealously will lead to some unexpected behaviors in them. So here you will be getting some tips to introduce your new baby to your pet baby. And this process must always be filled with fun so that jealousy doesn’t occur from any sides.

1. Never start banishing your pet whenever a new member comes to your home. This is the main source of jealousy in them.

2. You should behave in such a manner that your pet also think as a member of your pack. Don’t be aggressive towards your pet instead two of them are part of the same family. Let them see the new born baby most of the time in a day. After a period of time they will accept the new member.

3. When your baby grows up a little and learns to walk start taking two of them for physical exercise and to play games outside home. This mental and physical involvement will end up in a great bond between two of them.

Helping your two legged and Four legged baby bond3

Activities Kids and their pet can engage in together to increase the bonding factor:

When two of them are already grown up a little, start engaging them in same activity together to create a bonding factor. Funny games such as Hide and Seek and Chasing creates positive interactions between kids and pets. But in this matter always notice that your kid starts and finishes the game to show his or her dominance in the matter. And your duty is to keep the game in control and safe.

Helping your two legged and Four legged baby bond4

When you notice problems while training:

If you notice that after doing all these things no bond is created between them, the only way left is to consult and take some help from a professional pet trainer. If the connection between them is not going well it will bring a lot of stress and tension in your family and household. Even you will start feeling unsafe with your baby. As a result a hatred attitude will start growing in you towards your pet. So to maintain peace and harmony in your family you should immediately share everything with a trainer. Sometimes it depends on the breeds you have chosen and takes a long time to solve out this whole problem.

Helping your two legged and Four legged baby bond5

Two of the members are important in your family and it is not a matter of a short time. In fact two of them have to live in the same house for a long time. So strong bonding is very necessary to maintain harmony in the family. But pets are very loyal and good in nature so nothing to worry about the matter.