Health Benefits of Coconut Oils for Dogs

Supplement for animals are always a confusing topic for every pet owners. Actually there are various types of supplements that are used for animals but that are decided depending on the dietary needs of each and every animal. So that’s very obvious for a pet owner to be confused about the matter. But actually if you want to look on the matter you will have to know about the health condition of your pet. But there are some supplements that can be used for any pets in a long run. For example you have heard of fish oils that are very much beneficial for the dogs. But in this article you will be knowing about the benefits of coconut oils for dogs.

Health Benefits of Coconut Oils for Dogs:

If you go in deep, coconut oils consists of more than 90% of Saturated fats with some traces of unsaturated fatty acids. Most of the saturated fats found in coconut oils are Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT). Now the main component of this MCT is lauric acid. Coconut oil also contains about 2% of Linoleic acid and about 6% oleic acid. Now most of the coconut oil benefits come from the MCT.

Health Benefits of Coconut Oils for Dogs 1

It has been proved by many researches that coconut oil is a great effective from the parasites like Giardia whish are very troublesome. Like other Bacteria and Fungi, Giardia can’t stand up against the MCFA found in coconut oil. So by using coconut oil regularly you can prepare your body to destroy Giardia before it establishes.

Health Benefits of Coconut Oils for Dogs 5

Like most other herbal products that are good for your pet’s health, coconut is also something that your dog will
love to eat. All may not, but most them will like having coconuts. In most of the cases seen, dogs love coconut oils and they eat the foods without any hesitation. Try to mix it well with their foods and that will help for the picky eaters.

Health Benefits of Coconut Oils for Dogs 2

Most of the vets and animal researchers are nowadays recommending every dog owners to add the coconut oil in their regular diet. It is an excellent source of nutrients and keeps your dog health in well condition. But now you may be thinking about the dose you should give your dog. Yes we will tell you about it but before that you should be not confused about using the coconut oil in your dg’s food regularly. So now, let’s have a look in to the dosage for your dog.

Health Benefits of Coconut Oils for Dogs 3

Normally the recommended dosage is quite easy. Just give a teaspoon of coconut oil per 10 pounds of dog or you can give one tablespoon per 30 pounds. So for that you will have to know the exact weight of your dog before being sure about the dosage. At first start with ¼ of the recommended dosage to make a habit. Now slowly increase it up to the exact dosage level in 3-4 weeks. Don’t be in a hurry as it may result in flu like symptoms that can appear in your dog.

Health Benefits of Coconut Oils for Dogs 4

So more and more benefits of coconut oils are being discovered day by day and as a result you should obviously know about all the benefits of it. Here is a chart that we have made so that you can understand it well and easily.

Skin Conditions:

1. It clears up skin problems such as itchy skin, flea allergies, eczema, dermatitis etc.
2. It improves overall skin health and reduces the chance of allergic reactions.
3. It reduces the dog’s body odor and the coat becomes sleek and glossy.
4. It prevents and treats the dog from yeast and fungal infections including Candida.
5. It promotes wound healing and disinfects cuts.
6. If applied externally, it treats dry skin and hair, bites and stings, hot spots etc.


1. It improves the digestion power and nutrient absorption in the body.
2. It heals various types of digestive disorders like inflammatory digestive syndrome and colitis.
3. It helps in eliminating hairballs and coughing.
4. Reduces the bad breath in dogs.

Immune System:

1. Coconut oil contains a high amount of anti bacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal agents that’s prevents from any type of infections and diseases.

Metabolic Functions:

1. It regulates and balance insulin and promotes natural thyroid functions in the body.
2. Helps preventing and controlling diabetes in dogs.
3. Increase energy in mass level and helps in reducing the body weight.

Bone Health:

1. It aids in arthritis and any type of ligament problems.

Brain Health:

1. Coconut oil is great for the brain health of dogs. Doctors say that it is must to prevent senior dog’s mind from becoming cloudy.

So it’s time to give coconut oil a try for your dog. First introduce it to your dog by adding slight on their meals. If you see that they are loving it, you can use it permanently in dog foods or meals. Actually coconut oils for dogs are highly beneficial and they are less toxic source from the fish oils.