Here Are Some Ways To Get Rid Of Lizards At Home

The thing about lizards is that not all of us like having them around the house and in fact, most folks will do things to ensure that they stay away. However, the fact is that you will encounter lizards at home and in the garden. They are more common than you think and come under the category of common reptiles. Though we know that having lizards around can be good for the home and the yard, they tend to give us the heebie-jeebies. Here are some ways to keep them away:

Ensure That Their Source For Food is Removed

In case you want to get rid of lizards then you need to ensure that the number of bugs and pests in your home. This means keeping things spic and span to keep the bugs away thus ensuring that lizards have nothing to eat and this will bring their numbers down. However, it is not as simple as killing the bugs you have, but also ensuring that every part of the home foundation upwards is kept bug free.

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Make Sure Your House is Clean and Well Arranged

Another way to keep the lizards making themselves at home is by ensuring that they do not find nooks and corners to hide in. In case you are placing the furniture against the wall, then you should ensure some gap between the wall and the furniture. Also, keep dishes clean at all times and the floor clean. Another thing to do is ensure that the warmth factor is kept down as they tend to be drawn to it.

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Pack Things in Tight

The thing about lizards is that they are drawn to the small crevices and you will need to focus on keeping these packed. Another thing that you can do is making sure that all doors and windows are checked for cracks to keep them from sneaking in.

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More ways to keep lizards away

The steps given above are more towards precautions to ensure lizards do not get in. however if your home already has lizards, then you can try some of these steps, though they may seem a bit offbeat:

Shells of Eggs

You can put cracked eggshells at points of entry throughout the home, which the lizards assume to be a sign of danger and may tend to keep away. They tend to view this is as a living place of those who attack them and will not visit again. Therefore, you need to be careful about where you place the eggshells to have the most effect.

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Peacock Feathers

These are also known to be effective in scaring lizards, as once again lizards will see peacock feathers as a sign of danger. This is because birds tend to hunt down lizards the peacock feathers tell them to stay away from the place.

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Electronic Lizard Repellents

These devices when you plug them in give out waves of high frequency. Though we as humans cannot hear the sounds that come from these electronic repellants, they work on keeping lizards away. In fact, lizards are known to detest these sounds and will try to keep away from places that have them.


get rid of lizards at home (6)Lizards spray

This condiment can come in handy to repel lizards. To use it effectively add two teaspoons to a bottle of water, which you can use to spray once properly mixed on places that you feel, need it. Doing it, a couple of days in a row will show good results.

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Keep pets

Another way to keep lizards away is by keeping pets like cats at home, as they do hunt lizards down. This is one of the measures, albeit extreme that you can take to combat the onslaught of lizards at home.

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