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How To Get A Dog To Poop In A Certain Spot

Dogs can really piss you off and make your backyard no less than a chaos if they poop and pee anywhere they desire. I cannot imagine the situation when you accidently stepped into the poopy loaf that you missed cleaning. Urghhh! So damn irritating, isn’t it? All the love that you have for your dog will be suddenly consumed by the disgust and anger. Well well, what is his fault if you didn’t teach him where to poop and where to not (Tell you what, training a dog is a whole lot easier than training a dragon). Here are another intelligent dog breeds that you are finding for.

How to Get a Dog to Poop In a Certain Spot

Moreover all the efforts that you took to maintain a good backyard with nice green grasses all around will also be wasted. The dogs pee is the reason why there lie brown spots in the grass that used to be perfect and beautiful. Who would want to spend some quality time with their other significant and family if the yard stays nasty with the smell of his shit all around. All of these difficulties could be a thing from past as soon as you train your dog to relieve himself at the right spot.

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Decide The Spot

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The most comfortable area where you and your dog, both, will be happy and undisturbed about your dog pooping is the remote and lesser-used area of your backyard. Also, you have to consider the size of your dog and the kind of his breed so as to choose the spot where your dog feels agreeable to poop as well. When the breed of your pet so that the size is considered small as compare to the larger breeds, it will need lesser space.

Dogs Toilet Should Be Clean

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Dogs are reluctant to pee and poop in someplace where its dirtiness all around. Regularly cleaning up the area by removing all the beep-beep followed by washing up with water would make your dog feel relaxed and happy to do potty Only in that specific spot.

Then Comes The Training!

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The first step of teaching your dog to poop at the right place is by you starting to observe his actions and understand them. As soon as you let your dog out, you must notice him walking or running around the same area smelling again and again by marching back-and-forth and spinning. These actions are the clear indication that your dog wants to poop
Next step is to keep saying the same command in same tone every time he tries to poop.Here are some tips to teach your dog commands. This will make him understand that you are asking him to go to a certain place and put only after you give the command using the same cue words.

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As soon as your dog learns to go potty in specific area, he do deserves some reward that will keep him happy and convinced to follow the routine every day. And tell you what, that so let buddy of yours serious most content in no other treat or reward but the only act of playing with him. He just want you to throw the ball for him to fetch and he just wants This to be happening for ever. Give him his favourite treats for the best behaviour of grasping the command quickly by making life so much easier for you. Wink!

When Your Dog Is To Stop Born To Just Where You Want Them-

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You can either teach your dog lovingly so he can understand where to poop. But there are some dogs who are too stubborn to listen to you and that is what you want them to. A dog who has denied to be Trained to go in one spot should not be left alone running free across your courtyard. It is better for you to be with them and make them go and relieve particular spot by pointing towards the direction you desire. Also you can create a boundary by putting fencing around the area where you want your dog to go and do toilet.

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If any of these methods for making your dog learn isn’t working then the last two is scolding showing him that you are angry with him. We are not in favor of hitting or beating up at here while we ask you to get angry at your dog if he does not listen to you. Rather we mean that you must read for ignoring him for sometime as to punish him and let him know what he needs to do. Stop giving him treats and stop playing with him and sooner or later your dog will learn your motive to act accordingly. This is often seen that psychology has worked way better than any physical method to get the task done by the dogs when a dog find that his owner is upset or angry because of him he tends to grasp and practice whatever the owner asks sooner than ever.

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And after this whole story about you teaching your dog how to poop in a certain spot, the day arrives when the dog will actually at just in a way you taught him. What could make the owner more satisfying than the moment when your dog is enlightened about all the tricks you wanted him to learn?