10 Essential Dog Commands You must Teach your Dog

Actually, whenever we think of dog training, we just think it tough. But the procedure is a real fun with a great challenge. You should know that a trained dog is always a very happy dog as they come to learn about how to behave socially. Proper training helps them to learn what to do and what not to do. But what’s the basic step you should start with? You should teach your dog the basic and essential commands they should follow. Here we are to help you out in this process. Learn about these few dog commands to start your training.

Essential Dog Commands You must Teach your Dog:


So as you are starting off, the first command in your process will be ‘Sit’. This is one of the easiest obedience commands to start with. But how? Take a treat your dog loves and take it close to his nose. Now move your hand up so that he follows the treat causing his bottom to lower. So he will soon be in a sitting position and command him to sit. If he sits, give him the treat. Do this repeatedly for a few times to master the command. Now try to command your dog to sit and see he is sitting or not.


Now you will have to teach your dog about the ‘Come’ command as this one is very useful when you lose the grip. You can call your dog by this command so that he can leave what he is doing and come to you at once. For this you will have to put a leash and collar on your dog and get down to his level to say come, pulling the leash softly. When he comes to you, give him a treat. Once he has mastered it, practice the same without a leash.


Regarded as one of the most difficult dogs training command, but do you know why? Actually, it is a submissive posture for a dog. So for that, you will have to get a smelly treat and take it near the dog’s snout and now when he sniffs it, move your hand to the floor so that he follows. Now slide your hand along the ground encouraging his body to follow. Now say him ‘Down’ and give the treat.


Before you try this out, be sure that your dog is replying to your ‘Sit’ command. First, ask your dog to ‘Sit’ and then open the palm of your hand in front of you and say ‘Stay’. Now go a few step back and reward him treat if he stays. Now slowly increase the number of steps day by day before you give the treat. It will take a while to master as it is an exercise to self-control.

Drop It:

It may be a horrible experience dropping something from your dog’s mouth if he has swallowed it. Actually, they don’t what can harm them or which one is good for them. So you can use this ‘Drop It’ command for your work. Even it will help you play many games with them. Stand near the dog and tell them to drop or forcefully take it out from their mouth. Say again drop it and if he drops it by own, give him a treat for that. Repeat this several times.

Leave It:

You should learn this command only to give yourself a confidence that your dog will not grab anything you don’t like. Actually, if you forcefully try to take something they have picked up, they will swallow it. Even a dog can swallow a needle unknowingly. So you can get how dangerous it is. But a good way is to command them to leave the thing they have picked up and in return, they will be getting a treat. Do it in your own way and every time offers them a treat.


This is the best command your dog want to listen from you as it is said at the end of every command. Teach your dog that ‘Okay’ means now they are set free and they can move according to them. Tell them ‘Okay’ repeatedly so that they can understand when it is mainly used and what you are using it for.


Not every time you like your dog jumping on you and sometimes you want them to stay far from you, just because of some important work or anything else. Even they may grow a habit of jumping on others. Teach your dog the ‘Off’ command so that they don’t jump on others. Whenever they are jumping on you, command ‘Off’ and out them down. If he stays there to give him a treat saying ‘Off’.


The stand is a very important command every dog should be taught by their owner. Actually, dogs have a habit of moving here and there for example while bathing or grooming them. Again, for example, you have taken them to a Vet examination and he is not standing for a proper check-up. So it is important to make your dog learn the ‘Stand’ command. Whenever they do like this, tell them to stand and if they don’t move anymore, reward with a treat and affection.


A very simple command and not that tough to teach them. This command has a very simple meaning to a lot of things. A simple ‘No’ command means not to do what they are doing. It should be used to stop their unwanted behaviors. Whenever they do something unwanted, command them ‘No’. If they stop give them affection and a small treat.

So teach your dog all these dog commands one by one but don’t be in a hurry. If you start teaching them all at one, they will get confused and will not reply to any of your commands. So once they master a single command, then only step to the next one. This will slowly teach your dog all the essential dog commands.