How To Introduce New Pet (Member) To your Dog

Getting a new pet is always exciting, at least to the human families, but is the excitation level same with your dog? Would they like sharing the attention and love they are used to? Well, yes! Dogs are very sociable animals as they have a very long history of domestication. These descendants of the grey wolf are known for the unconditional love they bestow upon their owners. Their entire life revolves around their owners while the owner may own many pets in their entire lifespan. However, these canines are more tolerant towards to other pets, unlike domestic cats who are rather solitary and territorial animals. Still, a lot of preplanning, training, research and caution goes into this process of introduction of a new pet member into a dog’s life (as nobody, be it your dog or child likes to share your love initially, right?). Moreover, your dog’s reaction will vary depending upon the new member’s species, gender, nature, age and other factors. Below are some tips for on How To Introduce New Pet (member) To your Dog. One thing to keep in mind is, introduction is a gradual process, not a one time encounter!

How To Introduce New Pet (member) To your Dog

Go Slow
Dogs are pack animals and they have a dominance hierarchy in their social structure, so the new member will have to figure out its place in that hierarchy, therefore, this has to be a gradual process. You would not like to have a one on one dog competition at your house, so patience is the key. Give time to the new companions to adjust with each other. Initially confine the new pet member to a room and introduce it gradually to your dog. Feed your new pet in front of him so that he sees, understands and learns to share the space. Give your dog enough exercise to channelize his energy so that he doesn’t run behind the new member to spend his unused energy and always be attentive.

You need to do a lot of research before introducing your dog to a new member. Your dog should be a less aggressive one and a smaller breed is prefered if you’re planning to introduce a cat member in the family as the weight will give an undue advantage to the dog over the feline member. For rabbits as a new pet member, do the required research. Rabbits are prey species for the dogs so it is very important that you research about the compatibility between different breeds of dogs and rabbits as there are some rabbit-friendly dog breeds and dog-friendly rabbit species, so choose wisely if you want peace at your home.we know that classrooms are not the suitable home for animals. Before we decide whether to bring “pets” in class or not, Let’s look at these Practical Benefits and Problems with Classroom Pets that will ease your curiosity.

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Training And Socialization
You should get your dog checked for any kind of behavioural problems before the introduction and then train accordingly. Start to train them to be social by taking him/her to parks for interactions with other people’s dogs. You can even try bringing in friends’ dogs home to prepare them for the transition. Dogs should be trained well and training should not be an option especially then when you are planning to introduce a cat, who is its natural enemy into the family. Initially keep the meeting short and always under supervision. Train your dog well- teach him to obediently execute the “leave it” command before introducing him to a new pet.We tend to live in a fast world that demands our attention and may simply wear us out.To know yourself must have a pet because when there is none they are the one(PETs are the Best Therapists).

First Date
A neutral unfamiliar venue should be chosen for the first meeting as dogs are ‘pack’ animals and can see each other as intruders in their respective territories. Both the dogs should be on leashes and handled by different persons, The dogs should be allowed to check out each other properly but the handlers should be attentive to any signs of aggression in them. When the sniffing and investigation are over and the two new companions are comfortable in each others company take them home. You may face competition and dominance issues at home, the older one would try to dominate the newer or younger one but with time they’ll learn to adjust.Before owing a pet you must decide the answer of these questions. which pet means Male or Female? Which is right for me?

Some Tips To Keep In Mind

1.Segregate Their Belongings:
Put away your residential dogs favourite toys, dishes, chews to avoid territorial behavior and possessiveness. Purchase separate food dishes and toys.
Consider having separate spaces in house for a time so that they can have their free time in a portion of house.

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2.Make Sure They Cause No Harm To Each Other:

  • Make sure, both of your pets are properly vaccinated.
  • Before bringing in the new cat member you should install vertical escape paths as they can prove to be handy for the new cat member in case the dog becomes playful or aggressive.
  • Keep trimming the nails of both cat and dog, you would not like getting any of them hurt.

3.Love Them Equally:
Try paying equal attention to both the members. Love them equally, just like you do to your kids!

Maintain The Distance Initially
Choose a neutral place and keep the new pet – like mouse, rabbit, turtle in a cage and the dog on the leash. Allow them to sniff each other as the bunny would be safe inside the cage. Pay attention to any stress signals given out by the new pet for instance if he plays dead or sits in a hunkered down position then move your dog away from the pet and wait for the other pet to calm down.We people don’t have some very basics of dog training and make big mistakes because of that reason. That is the reason we have come up with an article consisting Things You Should Never Do When Training Your New Puppy.
Though slowly extend their time of interaction with other and with time they’ll adjust with each other.

Give Them Rewards
In each case reward your pets for good behaviour as this will encourage them to be nice to each other. Always be patient with your pets, as this process takes time.

Keep little things in mind and understand How To Introduce New Pet (member) To your Dog, and gradually the new pet will be a part of your family. Within a month or few, under careful supervision, your dog will know that the new pet possess no threat, and welcome them wholeheartedly (sometimes, even more than you!).