5 Important Tips for raising a Friendly Cat

Normally cats are known as friendlier pets but it always depends on the breeds of cat. It is to inform you that not all the cat breeds are friendly as you are thinking. But the fact is you can make them friendly by different process. If you are bringing a kitten of any breed you can make them grow up in the way you want. There are some steps by which you can help your cat grow comfortably and allow their lovable personalities to flourish. Starting from their early age is quiet an easier idea so start with bringing a kitten in your house and follow the below mentioned steps.

Important Tips for raising a Friendly Cat

Handle with Care: Normally cats are animals of soft mentality. If you are thinking them like dogs then you will make a big mistake. They can get scared if you don’t handle them with care. In fact you will have to prove your cat that the humans are trustworthy and we are kind with them. If you can prove them all these factors you will get better response from them as well as they will give you a special attention. Try to make them gentle like you; otherwise they will not be the cat you are willing for.

Tips for Raising a Friendly Cat 1

Teach them the Commands: If your cat is a clever one, they will not take much time to remember their own name after you make some repetitions. So from the very early age start calling them by a specific name and when they responses, greet them with a small treat as a reward. Normally if you do so, you cat will not be shy anymore and instead they will response to your call. After a certain period of time cats will love to stay around people. Even if they get their name they will also response if anyone out of your family calls them.

Tips for Raising a Friendly Cat 2

Introduce your Cat/Kitten to Friendly Dogs: It is really a good idea to introduce your cat or kitten to feline friendly dogs. Don’t worry some dogs really think felines as their friend. But you should know about the nature of the breed you are keeping in your house. All the cats are also not friendly with dogs. So after being sure that they will be friendly with others, you can bring them together. Try to do this from very early age. If you have a dog in your home then this will be easier for you. Otherwise you can also do this at other homes where there are dogs in the house.

Tips for Raising a Friendly Cat 3

Keep Kitty Close to You: During the first few month of the kitten hood it is good to maintain a healthy relation with your pet. They will need your presence at this time so don’t leave them alone at home. Normally cats love to be independent and alone but during this time your touch and presence will help them to socialize. You shower them with all your attention and this is very much necessary for their social development. Tell also your guests to go near them and awe over your new precious kitten this is nothing but showing some attention. But when they grow old with time, they will not bother about the attention.

Tips for Raising a Friendly Cat 4

Be affectionate with your Cat: Remember to be very affectionate with your cat. Carefully pick them up and take them close to you. Treat them like a baby. This is completely safe and you can do it as you like. Cats will not mind getting some affection from you. This is actually to make a great bond between you and your cat. Also they develop a great trust towards you. Cats actually feel very active when they get such affection.

Tips for Raising a Friendly Cat 5

So from bringing your cat home to making them the best one, all is your duty. And you will have to do your duty in the right way. This article will actually help everyone to take care of their new kitten at home and this article acts as a guideline to make your cat the most social one. Remember your pet is your lovely one and it should be best one among all. So just start working out according to this article from today.