How to Save on Dog Food

Most pet owners see their pets as beloved members of the family. For dogs, their loyalty and lovable nature make them so endearing that you cannot help but care and provide for them just like you do to your family. This care is mostly shown by paying for needed training, toys, treats, veterinary services, food, and other expenses that may arise. All these could make owning a dog seem overly expensive. But does it have to be that costly and how to save on dog food?

There are ways you could cut back on the money you spend on your dog, especially in feeding, and still keep him/her in perfect health. The bottom line is that you do not have to break the bank to keep your dog very well fed. It is possible to care for your dog and provide meals with high nutritional value at a low cost. Below are some helpful tips for pet parents that want to learn how to save on dog food.

7 Dog Food Saving Tips

#1 Consider ingredients, not name brands

How to Save on Dog Food

Several companies focus on producing pet foods, and most times, as a matter of advertisement, you see buzzwords like organic, 100% holistic, or complete nutrition on the dog food bag. Now, this is not to discredit them, but you have to understand that such words do not make the food of good quality and are often used as marketing strategies to convince you as a pet owner to buy from them. Rather than consider brands, go through the ingredient lists on the dog food bag and compare labels. It will keep you better informed on the quality, and you can find a cheaper bargain from brands with the same or better food.

#2 Use coupons and search for great deals

Dog food coupons are another way you get quality food at affordable prices. If your dog already has a food type that it is accustomed to, you can get great deals by signing up and searching for deals in email newsletters. Actively keep your eye out for coupons and discounts on your dog’s favorite treats at your local pet store and social media platforms.

#3 Do not overfeed your dog

How to Save on Dog Food

Obesity does not look good on humans nor animals. Yet, a study by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention showed that in 2018, about 56% of dogs were obese or overweight. Overfeeding him/her is not the best way to show your love. It only costs you more on dog food. Also, obesity makes your dog less immune to diseases, and vet bills mean more expenses. You need to be conscious of the quantity of food and treats you give your dog. Do not just dole out kibbles: use scales, measure out appropriate portions, and stick to it.

#4 Purchase dog food online

The internet can be a great place to get quality dog foods at affordable prices. One advantage is that you can always get reviews about products from a particular online store from other customers. It can help you decide if the brand has what your dog needs. 

You can also easily compare prices from several online retailers and brick and mortar pet stores. The money and time you save due to home delivery is another incentive to consider shopping for your dog food online. You could get free shipping if you buy a sizable amount too.

Some quality and affordable online dog food retailers are Chewy and PetsmartAmazon also features products from quality brands, and there are discount programs for regular customers.

#5 Consider homemade dog food

 homemade dog food

Now, it may not be as easy as it sounds, but making your dog food will help you save money in the long run. The major challenge with this idea is the time and the extra work needed to figure out the right nutrients and preserve it. A team of researchers at the University of California, Davis, School of Veterinary Medicine found that only very few homemade recipes contain essential nutrients in the right amount. Despite this concern, when you prepare your dog food, you get to add quality ingredients with high nutritional value to keep your pup in good health.

In situations where you cannot prepare your dog’s food, you could add proteins, such as eggs, beef, fish, cottage cheese, and cooked chicken into their diet. Your dog needs a well-balanced diet, and the protein is essential for normal body functioning, growth, and development of their immune system. So, try to balance the store-bought dog food with proteins, so your dog gets quality yet affordable feeding.

#6 Mix dog food brands

Before thinking about mixing brands, you must be careful of fillers to add to your dog food. They may make it last longer, but these products could contain supplements that are not healthy for your dog. You should consider trying out products separately first to enable you to detect any possible food allergy and allow your dog time to get used to the meal. It will be harder to know which brand caused a problem when you feed your dog two or more different dog foods.

#7 Buy dry dog food in bulk


dry dog food in bulk

Most persons discourage buying dog food in bulk, but it works even better for dogs if it works for humans. This strategy, however, is only valid for dry food because it can be stored easily. A dry rodent-free place where your dog has no access to is the best location to keep it. Just ensure your dog already likes the food beforehand, so it does not go to waste.


Top-quality dog food can be an issue due to money, and so, we are always looking for ways to save on dog food when and if we can. However, as we try to cut costs, we should note that it is cheaper to maintain a well-fed, healthy dog than visit the vet due to poor health.

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