40 Lovable Pug Tattoo Pictures


We love our animals a lot and sometimes it gets expressed by various means. You may see that some people love to keep their puppy’s photo in their mobiles and even as wallpaper in their laptops.

Again in some cases you will see that a big photo of yours is hanged from the bedroom wall with your dog on your lap. But nowadays as the trend has changed a lot, there are some other amazing ways too.

Instead of doing all these things, you can make a tattoo of the dog on your body. This article is all about making a pug tattoo in your body if you really like the breed of dog. Check out these lovable pug tattoo pictures and get inspiration before getting inked.

About Pugs

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Probably pugs need a very less introduction as they are very much popular breed of dogs around the world. But still we should say that Pugs are a small breed of dog with muzzled face, curled tail and a wrinkly body. It is said that the word ‘Pug’ has come from old English word ‘puge’ which is an affectionate term for the playful monkeys or devil. Often we call the pug puppies as puglets. But apart from all these things, pugs have a very affectionate personality despite of its small size.

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The body structure of pugs has changed a lot with period of time. Most of the pugs appearing in the 18th century were very long and lean in structure while the present day pugs come with a square, cobby body and compact form. Present days pugs also have well developed muscles. Normally the legs of pugs are very strong and of normal length and are set well under. The shoulders are moderately laid back and the pasterns are strong neither steep nor down.

Temperament of Pugs

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Pugs are normally very social dogs and usually very stubborn in nature. But still they are very playful, charming, active and clever. They are very good for trainings and are said as very obedient. Animal psychologists say that pug dogs are very much sensitive to the human voices. They always love the company of humans and require a great deal of human attention. If they get disregarded by the owner, they may show some signs of anxiousness. So pug tattoos can easily become a great choice for tattoos.

Where to Ink a Picture of Your Pug

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If you are now thinking that which part of the body will be suitable for such tattoos, actually we should say that it is a tough decision to be made. You can make it anywhere you want may be in your foot, arm, back or leg. Or some people really like to portray such tattoos on their private parts. Actually it completely depends on the choice of the user. There is no recommendation about the place in this case. If you are the wearer then think which place is more comfortable for you to hold a tattoo. Just you can think about one thing that pug tattoos can’t be made too small. Hence you should choose a place that can hold medium sized tattoos.

Who Should Ink the Pug On You?

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Now after you are done with everything and completely finalized about making a pug tattoo, your next job is to find out a professional tattoo artist for the project. Only an expert artist can do portray such a tattoo in a creative way. Consult with various tattoo artists and see what they say about the tattoo. And at last then finally decide with whom you are comfortable. But at last we should say that before making the tattoo finally, think a lot about it. Permanent tattoo need a lot of research and study before making it. Look at the ideas and inspirations below collected only for you all from various sources.

Lovable Pug Tattoo Pictures

Tie a Ribbon Around Your Squishable Pup

It is pretty common to showcase your dog’s face in a tattoo. That said, it’s important to find an artist who can capture all the details and colors accurately.

40 Pug Tattoo Pictures 6


Keep Your Dog Within Reach

Consider a black silhouette of your pug if you want something minimal. If you don’t want to miss touching your dog, why not have him tattooed on your palm?

40 Pug Tattoo Pictures 7


Let Your Pug Follow All Your Walks

Having a picture of your dog tattooed on your calf could give you a feeling that your dog is walking with you wherever you go.

Pug Tattoo!


Dress ‘Em Up With A Hoodie

Any dog looks cute with clothes on. Why not dress them up in a tattoo and remember how good-looking they are with the outfit?

40 Pug Tattoo Pictures 9

Sometimes, Minimalist Stick Drawings Are Enough

Can’t draw but want something original? There is nothing more unique than a simple drawing to remind you of the furry friends you’ve had.


40 Pug Tattoo Pictures 10


Smart-Looking Is Cute

Add a pair of glasses to your dog tattoo to signify your dog’s wits.

40 Pug Tattoo Pictures 11

It’s a Pug, Even Just with the Outline

A pug’s outline is unique. Unlike other dogs, the pug is easily identifiable, even with an outline.


40 Pug Tattoo Pictures 12


Show Your Inner Chicana with a Bandana

Adding props and color to a pug tattoo can make it stand out.

40 Pug Tattoo Pictures 13


Add Your Pug’s Name with Their Silhouette

If you don’t want too much detail on your tattoo, stick with a minimalistic silhouette and add your dog’s name to the mix.

40 Pug Tattoo Pictures 14

Troubled Look

Their sad, scared faces make them look cute.


40 Pug Tattoo Pictures 15


Tribute With Roses

Framing your pugs with bright red roses can make them pop out in an enlarged tattoo.

40 Pug Tattoo Pictures 16

Minimalist Cartoon with Thick Black Lines

It doesn’t have to be your dog’s exact shape and facial features. You can add some paw prints while you’re at it.


40 Pug Tattoo Pictures 17


Framed Photorealistic Tribute

On the flip side, you might want your tattoo to look more realistic. Again, look for an artist who can capture your dog’s facial features in detail.

40 Pug Tattoo Pictures 18


Cartoon Head with Duck Cap

Do you love taking your dog out on boat trips? Why not get a tattoo of home with a sailor’s hat?

40 Pug Tattoo Pictures 20


Enlarged Head with Dedication

When getting a large tattoo for a wide area of your body, think of adding some words to describe or add thought to the image.

40 Pug Tattoo Pictures 21


Framed with Flowers

Having a tattoo of your dog framed with flowers may seem a bit of a cliche. Nevertheless, it can be unique, given the facial features of your dog.

40 Pug Tattoo Pictures 22


Photorealistic Monochrome

Sometimes, your skin tone is enough to give a black-and-white tattoo some life.

40 Pug Tattoo Pictures 23


Yin and Yang Cartoon

Do you have a pair of pugs that complement one another and complement you? Check out this yin and yang cartoon of two pugs.

40 Pug Tattoo Pictures 24

Colorful Graffiti Art

If you like modern art, try using colors that would otherwise not be seen on real-life pugs.


40 Pug Tattoo Pictures 25


Odd Mutation of Animals You Love

Do you like butterflies and pugs? Add colorful butterfly wings to your pug in a single tattoo.

40 Pug Tattoo Pictures 26


Superhero Pug

If you feel like your pug is a superhero, color him with the color of your favorite iconic champion.

40 Pug Tattoo Pictures 27


Photorealism in Actual Color

Whereas others prefer monochromatic tattoos, some prefer more realistic images using actual colors.

40 Pug Tattoo Pictures 28

Framed Cartoon

A tattoo of your dog’s face might look incomplete without a frame around it.


40 Pug Tattoo Pictures 30


Oh, Canada!

Some people like to showcase their country in their tattoos.

40 Pug Tattoo Pictures 31

Photorealism with Dog Collar and Nametag

If you don’t want something artificial surrounding your dog, include a part of his neck showing his collar and nametag.


40 Pug Tattoo Pictures 32


The Maneki-Neko Pose

Some pet owners feel their pets are the reason for their luck. This pet owner even put his dog’s face on a lucky Japanese cat.

40 Pug Tattoo Pictures 33

Enlarged Facial Outline

You can have your pug’s face cover a big patch of your skin.


40 Pug Tattoo Pictures 34


Colorful Halo-Frame Tribute

On a leg tattoo, you might want to add a bright palette of colors surrounding your pug to showcase its colorful personality.

40 Pug Tattoo Pictures 35


Doodle Tribute

There’s nothing as unique as a doodle your kid has drawn of your dog.

40 Pug Tattoo Pictures 36


Black Lines and Dots

If you like geometric lines and dots, you will find that they also look good on a pug tattoo.

40 Pug Tattoo Pictures 37

Minimalist Loving Angels

A little bit of exaggeration could add to the overall appeal of an artwork. Little pug angels with large eyes look adorable in a small tattoo.


40 Pug Tattoo Pictures 38


Enlarged Photorealistic Face

Instead of just the outline of your pug’s face, why not go all out and get all the details into a large tattoo?

40 Pug Tattoo Pictures 38

Indignation with Ribbon and Flower

While others use ribbons or flowers to separately frame a dog’s face, you can combine both in a single art piece. Don’t forget to add an expression of indignation while you’re at it!


40 Pug Tattoo Pictures 39


Minimalist Outline

If space is a problem on your skin, you can always settle for a small tattoo that showcases the features of your pug.

40 Pug Tattoo Pictures 40


Minimalist Cartoon

Small tattoos look nice when drawn in colorful caricatures. For example, think of an emoji-looking concept, such as a pug riding a bicycle.

40 Pug Tattoo Pictures 19


Be Sure It’s What You Want

If you are new to getting a tattoo, make sure it is the right design and size you want. Remember that tattoos are permanent, and you might end up spending lots of money on removal procedures.

40 Pug Tattoo Pictures 29

Choose from these lovable pug tattoo pictures and try to add something unique to remind you of the reason for having the tattoo.