10 IMP Steps to your Dog’s Dental Health

Like humans, dogs also suffer from dental problems. And these diseases start from a very small age. Dogs eat a lot of junks lying here and there unknowingly and the most important thing is that we don’t take care of their teeth regularly. But veterinary doctors and animal experts says that the dog’s mouth should be cared regularly to avoid diseases. There are many ways by which you can take care of their mouth parts. And you will also notice some symptoms that are the basic stages of gum or teeth diseases in dogs. Bad breath is one of the basic and most common symptoms. Actually no need to get so tensed as we are going to give you some tips to take care of your dog’s mouth which you can just perform at home.

Steps to your Dog’s Dental Health:

1. The Breath Test: Take your face closer to the dog’s mouth and take a smell of his breadth. Normally the smell of your dog’s breadth will never smell like a rose but still if it is too pungent then you should be sure about some complications. And if your dog shows other symptoms like vomiting, over drinking and over urinating, loss of appetite then immediately take your dog to the vet.

10 Steps tou your Dog's Dental Health1

2. Signs of Oral Disease: If your pet is suffering from any gastrointestinal problems or mouth problems then you may notice some awkward symptoms like inflamed gums, bad breath, loose teeth, cysts under the tongue, tumors in any part of the mouth and excessive drooling.


3. Lip Testing: Once on a week you should have a check of your dog at home. Take his mouth and open his lips. Your dog may show some signs of irritation show don’t force your dog. After opening the lips at first look at gums and its color. The gums should always be pink and no other color. And also check that the gums are not swollen. Now check all the teeth that they are white enough and not brownish.

10 Steps tou your Dog's Dental Health3

4. Lowdown of Tooth Decay: After all it is impossible for you to keep an eye on your dog all the time. So you don’t know what they are eating at your absence. So don’t forget to clean your dog’s teeth regularly or at least thrice a week. Otherwise various types of bacteria and plaque forming foods make their sweet homes on their mouth resulting in various complex diseases.

10 Steps tou your Dog's Dental Health4

5. Canine Tooth Brushing Kit: You will get various types of canine toothbrush in the medicine shops and otherwise you may take a piece of cloth wrapped around your finger and rub their teeth. Various types of canine toothpastes are also available but for that you should consult with a vet. Don’t use human toothpastes as it may harm their digestive system. For adult dogs paste made with baking soda and water also serves good.

10 Steps tou your Dog's Dental Health5

6. Make the Brushing Procedure easier: Actually dogs are not used to brushing so at first you may face some problems. Actually you make them used to it. Don’t start brushing directly instead of that follow this technique. At first massage their lips in a circular motion for some days so that they feel much comfortable with it. After that slowly move to their gums and teeth massage for few days. You will notice that they will not irritate you after getting comfortable with it. Now, take a small amount of specially formulated toothpaste and start massaging their teeth so that they get used to the taste of toothpaste. Then start using the tooth brush which is specially made for these canines.

10 Steps tou your Dog's Dental Health6

7. Brushing Technique: There is special technique of brushing their teeth. At first try to brush the front teeth softly in a circular motion taking a particular region. Then you can go for the side teeth but when brushing the side teeth brush it in a downward motion. If they show any irritation don’t force them. After that you can try for a brush at least thrice a week.

10 Steps tou your Dog's Dental Health7

8. Chew Toys: Buy a chew toy for dogs which will be available at pet shops near you. Give them the chew toy all the time so that they can enjoy it. Actually chewing all the time makes their teeth and gum stronger. The toys are made in such a way that it cleans the teeth by moving tartar and massages their gum. There are many types of toys available but always choose the one made of nylon or soft rubber.

10 Steps tou your Dog's Dental Health8

9. Healthy Teeth Diet: Consult with your pet’s doctor to suggest a perfectly formulated diet for teeth health. They will suggest some dry food in that case. Don’t give them the food you eat instead of giving them dog food. This may be harmful for their teeth as well as stomach.

10 Steps tou your Dog's Dental Health9

10. Mouth Disorders: There are various mouth disorders in dogs which can be very serious. So you should have a slight idea about some common diseases.

a. Gingivitis: It is a gum disease caused in dogs. The main symptoms of this disease are swollen gum, bleeding, bad breath etc.
b. Mouth tumors: Sometimes lumps are seen in the gum. Although they are malignant and can be removed by surgery.
c. Periodontal Disease: This is a type of infection spotted between the gums and teeth leading to pain, loss of teeth. If it is not cured for a long time the infection may spread to the whole body. Some common symptoms are nasal discharge, teeth pain, bleeding, bad breath, sneezing etc.
d. Halitosis: Commonly known as Bad Breath. This is caused due to the bacteria formed by food particles stucked between the teeth. The only remedy for this is regular teeth brushing.
e. Proliferating Gum Disease: it occurs when the gum grows over teeth and causes infection. In such case you should consult to a vet doctor who will suggest you some antibiotics.
f. Salivary Cysts: These types of cysts mainly occur under the tongue and looks like fluid filled blisters. Consult with a doctor to drain the fluids and remove the damaged saliva gland.

10 Steps tou your Dog's Dental Health10