Top 5 Guard Dog Breeds For Children and Family Security

Dogs are always loyal and protective towards their owner. Specially when you think about guarding a particular individual, dog is the only animal who can perform this without any confusion. The intelligence needed to safeguard an individual can be seen only in dogs, they know when to protect their owner and when to not. But not all dog breeds are intelligent enough to perform this activity fluently. There are very few dog breeds that are good at personal protection. Before buying a dog for this protection purpose you should be sure enough that they are trained professionally and their intelligence is polished. Here I will name 5 such breeds those who are best for personal protection.

Guard Dog Breeds For Children and Family Security

Cane Corso:

5 Best personal Protection Dog Breeds 1

It is an Italian breed mostly big in size and has almost all the qualities to be a personal protection dog. This dog is not so popular all over the world, but due to their intense ability they proved their position in this list. They have large muscular bodies and strong biting power. In ancient times, this breed was actually used to hunt animals but with time Romans started using this breed as their personal protection dog breed. They mainly get attached to a single person in the home and show their protective nature towards them. But you should know that this dog breed is very tough to train and suffers from various health related issues.

Giant Schnauzer:

Giant Schnauzer with a log in a park

This breed is very intelligent and obedient one which has originated from Germany. They are quite easy to handle because of their light weight and slim body structure. But grooming this breed may be little tough as they have long furs all over their body. They are also seen in various types of dog competitions due to their intelligence. The average life span is about 12 years and suffers from various skin related problems. Schnauzer is very strong and excellent dog for personal protection.

Doberman Pinscher:

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Dobermans are one of the most popular protection dog breed in the world. They look very smart and possess a unique attitude. The color combination is mainly found in black and tan. Their body structure is very unique as they are not very big but slight a bit large with slim outlook. Dobermans are very aggressive in nature and their attack may lead to death and several injuries in some cases. Like other protection dogs they also suffers from various health problems which denotes that have to be kept in regular medical check-ups. Doberman live up to the age of 11 years.


5 Best personal Protection Dog Breeds 4

Rottweiler is a very famous and ancient herding dog breed. But history says that they were also used for various purposes like pulling cart, driving livestock to market, military purposes and in rescue missions and obviously as watch dogs. They grow very big in size and very intelligent in nature. They can be trained easily and used as personal protection dogs. Rottweiler normally is a very healthy breed, but suffers from Obesity and Dysplasia. Usually they live for 10 years on average and till their end shows a very fierce appearance towards strangers.

German Shepherd Dogs:

German Shepherd laying on the green grass

German Shepherds are also one of the most popular guard dogs and personal protection dog breed. They are very commonly found all over the world and mainly famous because of their intelligence and powerful nature. If they are professionally socialized and trained their over aggressive attitude doesn’t make any problem though. But this breed has a slight temperament problem. Normally they live up to 11 years and suffer from various health problems during this lifetime. But be careful while buying this breed from outside as not all the German Shepherds will meet all your needs.