10 Important Tips Before you Buy a New Horse

This is exclusively an article for the horse lovers. Yes may be you want to add a new member in your horse herd or you are the first time looking forward to bring a horse at your home as pet. This article will really help you in all perspectives. Actually the people those who have a great love for horses but hardly have any knowledge or experience in caring horses or purchasing a new horse should go through this article. Surely you will be getting a lot of knowledge from here. Here are some tips that will ensure you that this critical decision ends in a long term bonding.

Tips before you buy a New Horse:

Horse Handling Skills:

First of all the fact that comes in the way is the skill that you have to acquire for handling a horse. Basic horse handling skills is one of the most important factors that come just next to understanding the health factors of a horse. This is simply important because your safety is associated with it. You actions and handling reactions really matters when you are handling such a big animal. Horses can become very dangerous at times. So you have to keep yourself safe from them. So the best option is to grow your horsemanship and that can only be acquired from learning from any tutor or institution. No one is born with experience, so there is nothing to feel shy about learning the skills. You will find various courses over the internet or nearby you which will help you to learn the basic safety skills, horse communication methods and behavioral studies.

Tips Before you Buy a New Horse 1

Basic Horse care Knowledge:

Understanding the basic horse care needs is really very important when you want to care for your horse’s health. The first two things come in this topic is the basic dietary needs and health care. So, all these things depend on the weight, age and current health status of the horse. Now the things that come in this way is pre-existing health issues, exercise, sex and environment. Now once you’re at the level of understanding, your next responsibility is to talk to your veterinarian and know about their recommendations. So here are some things that you will have to ask from your veterinarian.

1. Dental Care

2. Dietary Recommendations

3. Vaccinations

4. Sex Specific Care

5. Shelter and Special enclosures

6. Access to Water

7. Hoof Care

8. Pre-existing health concerns.

Tips Before you Buy a New Horse 2

Evaluating Physical Attributes on the Horse:

Now you will have to understand how critically you have to evaluate the physical conditions and that will indicate you about the current or potential problems for the horse. So for that you should go for a lameness exam done to your horse. But remember there may be certain problems that will not in the lameness exam as problems. But the best way here is to consult with your vet for the matter. You will find countless examples that a horse has passed the lameness examination but after a few months or years came up with various problems. So the only thing you have to keep in mind is to critically evaluate the physical conditions by researching well on the horse.

Tips Before you Buy a New Horse 3

Goals and Expectations vs. Physical and Emotional Abilities:

Remember that you will have to keep a clear picture in mind of what you are looking for in the new horse. You should be determined about your aspirations. While thinking about all these things also question yourself about your skills and experience. Make sure that your performance expectations meet the horse’s physical and emotional abilities. The maturity of the horse should be also taken into while you are thinking about all these matters. Think of your own nature and then match it with your horse. If you are a relaxed person then obviously a high energy horse will not go with you. So for that you will also have to choose a horse that is also a relaxed one.

Proper Vetting and Lameness Exam:

When you have finally decided the candidate your next duty is to go for a lameness examination. Or you can even go for a thorough look over done by any professional and experienced veterinarian. A horse may look fine from outside but that doesn’t means that he or she is fit from inside. While choosing the vet keep in mind that he or she doesn’t have any interest in the transaction. We think you have understood what we are telling about.

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So having a horse in your life is really a rewarding thing and you should be proud of that. Again if you choose a wrong horse for you it can be the most awkward nightmare for you. So keep your eyes opened widely about the whole matter and finally decide impartially the one which will really suit you.