7 Tips for Preparing your Horse During Winter

Winter is already running outside and probably you are enjoying the season and having a lot of fun. But the main fact is that do you ever think of your pet during the winter season? Yes you should also make a scope for them to enjoy the season with you.

They are also a part of your family. Many animals are well suited with winter and low temperature, but some animal face a lot of problem due to cold. If you are having such an animal then it is your duty to look after them.

In this article, we are going to discuss about the process of preparing your horse during winter season. If you have a horse at home and you love him a lot then you shouldn’t waste anymore time. Read the tips and start preparing your horse from now on.

Tips for preparing your Horse During Winter:

Parasite Control:
Horse face a lot of problem due to parasitic attack. Parasitic attack may be very harmful and dangerous if not cured in time. So you should deworm your horse this winter by Ivermectin. Also it will be much better to consult with your permanent veterinarian about deworming your horse.

If you are making a plan to deworm then you should now that till the next spring your horse will be free from parasitic attacks. Automatically if you can keep your horse away from parasitic attacks, they will stay healthy, fit and active from all the ways.

5 Tips for Preparing your Horse during Winter1

In the areas where winter is severely cold horsesstill bears a chance of catching mosquito borne diseases. Various types of Encephalomyelitis and West Nile Virus are very common diseases at this time.

If your horse is already vaccinated, a booster may be needed after every six months to provide them with protection all round the year. Regarding vaccination you should have a clear idea by consulting with a veterinarian.

5 Tips for Preparing your Horse during Winter2

Horses are good eaters and probably you not that well if you have a horse at home. They need to eat throughout the day.

Give some salt in their food because horse need to consume good amount of salt during winter season.

You should notice that hay is always available for your horse to eat. For that various types of measures like slow feeding net can be given so that your horse can’t waste hay at this time and eat slowly. For sick horses, you can also use bran mash to hide their medicines and pills between foods.

5 Tips for Preparing your Horse during Winter3

Water is very essential thing for horses during winter. It is your duty to keep in notice that your horse may get an easy access to water all over the day. Keep a clean and bid container full of water near their place.

If you are living in an area of very low temperature then be careful that the water doesn’t gets transformed into ice. Look that your tank heater is working well and no electrical cords are left lying near the water container.

Avoid making the container full because while drinking water may overflow from the container and cause a mess. Some horses prefer to drink a particular temperature of water, for them you should make sure that the water in the given container is of that temperature only.

5 Tips for Preparing your Horse during Winter4

Dental Health:
Arrange for a regular dental check-up of your horses. As during winter season, the foods provided to them like hay, pelleted diets and grains need a lot of chewing ability. If your horses face any dental problem them they will be unable to eat their foods properly. So dental check-up is very important one.

5 Tips for Preparing your Horse during Winter5

Brush their whole body during the whole winter time and arrange for a dry and clean place for them to stay. Horses may suffer from high fever if they catch cold. Mud fever and thrush are two common diseases at this time.

5 Tips for Preparing your Horse during Winter6

During cold weather, keep your horses warm using different measures. You can use thick blanket to cover them to keep them dry as well as warm from the outside weather condition. You should at least have a couple of blankets so that you can change it in regular interval.

5 Tips for Preparing your Horse during Winter7