20 Lovely Pictures of Animals Helping Each Other

When it comes to animals, we humans have a vary fascination for them. We look at them as creatures that stand apart from us and find their behavior to be a constant source of fascination for us. But when an animal shows affection to another member of its own species or to an animal of another species, it is enough to warm our hearts.

That is when we can see the way mother nature has not spared her generous sprinklings of love, affection and an affinity of fellow creatures even in those animals who are supposed to not have any of these finer feelings. In spite of what we think and feel, animals have an amazing amount of love and camaraderie among themselves though they are also closer to nature and thereby do not always show these feelings like we do.


You may have seen clips of elephant herds where the matriarchs surround the calves and keep them in line. It is heartening to see the gentle yet firm way they swat the squealing and often boisterous little elephant calves as they are constantly getting in between their legs or even stepping mindlessly into the midst of danger. Or the really touching clip of a monkey rushing into traffic to rescue a small puppy.

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We have even seen birds that will lend a helping wing to their flock when one of them is not able to fly well. All these small but really heart touching moments of kindness when animals help each other shows you how we too as human beings should reach out to extend some help to our fellow beings. Look at these pictures where animals have extended a paw, a wing or a leg or even a trunk to help one another in many ways.





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