25 Most Expensive Cat Breeds In the World

When we talk about pets the first name that strikes our mind is the cat. Cats are always our favorite choice and one of the most popular pets in the world.

In USA, cats top in the list of total number of owned animals. But let’s come to our main business.

Here we will be talking about the most expensive cat breeds in the world that you can keep as pets.

Depending on the rarity and their characteristics their prices really varies a lot and that will really amaze you. So before you buy one for your home, have a look at this amazing list.

Most Expensive Cat Breeds:

1. Ashera ($15000-100000)

Ashera ranks the top of this list presently. It is a hybrid cat breed with a mix of African Serval, Asian Leopard Cat and the Domestic House cat.

They are very affectionate, loyal and intelligent in nature. It is also one of the rarest breeds of cat. So all these features makes it the most costly breed in the world.

2. Savannah ($1500-50000)

Savannah cat is a domestic hybrid cat breed. This is also a mix between Serval and domestic cat.

This cat breed is always compared to dogs because of their characteristics. Loyalty is the main feature of this breed. In addition they are very much intelligent.

10 Most Expensive Cat Breeds in the World 2

3. Bengal Cat ($1000-25000)

This one of the most beautiful looking cat breeds and are very attractive in nature.

This hybrid cat breed is mainly a cross between domestic feline and an Asian leopard Cat. They usually have a very gentle nature and are very good for professional and experienced cat lovers and pet owners.

10 Most Expensive Cat Breeds in the World 3

4. Allerca Hypoallergenic Cat ($6000 approx.)

The name of this cat sounds a bit different but actually they are quite similar to the usual cats.

The main fact behind their name is that they are created as a result of various genetic researches. The scientist those who are behind the making of this breed have tried to disable the
gene that causes most human cat allergies.

5. Persian cat ($500-5500)

Here comes the great Persian cat breed. They can also be included in the list of most popular cat breeds.

They can be found all over the world and usually very gentle and affectionate in nature. They have long coats all over their body and this makes them really beautiful.

10 Most Expensive Cat Breeds in the World 5

6. Peterbald ($1200-5000)

This cat breed is a result of crossing between Oriental Short Hair female world champion and Donskoy.

This is a very curious, smart and energetic cat breed. There body is slim and muscular build. If you are also looking for a cat that can easily make other animal friends, then this is a good choice.

10 Most Expensive Cat Breeds in the World 6

7. Russian Blue ($400-3000)

Russian blue is a very playful and energetic cat breed. In addition they are very curious and intelligent in nature.

They are also well known for maintaining harmony with other pets at home and children at home. So you can easily choose this one with any hesitation.

10 Most Expensive Cat Breeds in the World 7

8. Sphynx ($300-3000)

It is also one of the most popular cat breeds in the world. They are very easily distinguishable as they don’t have any hairs on their body.

There are hardly any cat breeds like them. But you should know that requires a very special treatment so for that you will obviously have to an experienced pet owner.

10 Most Expensive Cat Breeds in the World 8

9. Scottish Fold ($200-3000)

They have their reputation as great loving companion.

Though they cost a bit high in price and that also because of their beautiful characteristics. You can usually identify them because of their peculiar ears.

But before bringing this breed at your home be sure that you can provide enough time to them.

10 Most Expensive Cat Breeds in the World 9

10. British Shorthair ($500-1500)

This cat breed stands in the 10th position of the list of most expensive cats. It is one of the most popular cat breeds of UK.

They are also seen widely in different cat shows because they are very easy to train. If you are looking a cat for apartment living, then you can obviously consider this one as your choice.

10 Most Expensive Cat Breeds in the World 10

11. Khao Manee ($11,000)

Also called the Khao Plort in Thai, this rare breed originates in Thailand. It is known as the Diamon Eye because of its eye color that can come in gold or blue.

This breed has a close-lying, short, and smooth coat. Its roots trace back to a hundred years and are known to have various odd-eyed cats, which is its rarest variety. Though this cat costs a hefty amount of money, you can enjoy this beautiful cat’s wit, activeness, enthusiasm, and interaction.

khao manee

12. Main Coon ($1000)

One of the most expensive cat breeds in the world in the 19th-century shows, the main coon is also known as the gentle giant. It has great hunting skills and a unique appearance. It also has an uneven two-layered coat that rests on a silky satin undercoat.

It also has a robust bone structure, a fuff along its chest, a rectangular body figure, and a long bushy tail. This domesticated breed is now worth $1000. It is possible to get this cat in various colors and have a playful, smart, and gentle personality.

These cats are great at adjusting to different settings and lifestyles. With a main coon, everyone, including the kids, will have a great time witnessing its silly antics.

main coon

13. Toyager ($5000)

If you are a cat enthusiast with a love for cats that you can train easily, the toyager is a great buy. This laidback and calm cat is intelligent and able to adapt to training.

Another creation of the breeders responsible for the Bengal, this exotic-looking cat is eye candy. Its tiger-like stance and markings give it its distinct look.

The price tag for this fur buddy is definitely worth the friendly tiger-like companion you are to get with the toyager.


14. Norwegian Forest Cat ($500-$800)

A cat originating from Europe, the Norwegian forest cat is also referred to as Norsk skogkatt or Norsk skaukatt. It has a sturdy body, long legs, strong claws, and a bushy tail.

It is known for being strong and big, so it does a great job in climbing. It comes with a well-insulating undercoat and a long, glossy, and water-shedding top coat.

This cat has a lifespan ranging from 14 to 16 years and can adapt to cold weather. It’s active and experts in driving off rodents.

norwegian forest cat

15. Ocicat ($800)

The Ocicat is known for its exotic look. Would you believe that this $800 cat is an all-domestic breed? This cute creature got its name from the idea that it looks like an ocelot.

Its looks may seem daunting at first, but believe it or not, it is friendly towards everyone, including kids. These cats make great household pets and companions. If you have pets around, this cat can surely blend in.

You can enjoy this cat in a variety of twelve unique colors. The ocicat is known for its strong facial bone structure, distinct markings, silver color, and almond-shaped eyes.


16. American Wirehair ($1200)

At the price of $1200, you can get a quintessential American cat with a distinct mark of having a wiry, springy hair coat that complements its whiskers and ear fur. It has high cheekbones, round heads, a sturdy build, and a prominent muzzle.

Being one of the most expensive cat breeds in the world, they’re available in various colors with a variety of blue, amber, or golden eyes. You can rest assured that this cat is easy to care for.

They also have a clownish, loving, and adaptable nature. You can expect them to be sociable and friendly towards strangers, kids, and pets.

american wirehair

17. Egyptian Mau ($500-$800)

A rare naturally spotted breed, the Egyptian Mau, has a sheening spotted coat available in silver, black, bronze, smoke, and other toned-down versions. 

It has widely spaced ears, green eyes with dark eyeliner, and spots on the tips of its fur. It’s also a great runner and galloper, owing to its ancestors. Its look, along with its sparse existence, makes it expensive and a target for cat enthusiasts.

egyptian mau

18. Siamese ($800)

Characterized with blue almond-shaped eyes, an elongated slender, muscular body, large ears, and a triangular head shape, the Siamese comes in traditional and modern versions.

The traditional version usually has a body leaning to a heavier side with an apple-shaped head. Meanwhile, the modern version comes in a skinny build and a wedge-shaped head.

This cat loves human companionship and is known to be very affectionate. It’s playful, active, and sociable. You can also rest assured that it is an intelligent breed, making the price tag more reasonable.

siamese cat

19. Scottish Fold Cat ($1500)

Also known as the lop-eared cat, the Scottish fold originates from Scotland. It has a natural dominant-gene mutation causing its ears to fold and bend towards the front part of the head.

Known for having large round eyes and a round head, it comes with shorthaired and longhaired versions—the patterns, colors, and combinations that they come in vary.

These cats are known for being sociable and good-natured towards people and animals. They are also loved for being intelligent, playful, and affectionate.

scottish fold cat

20. American Curl ($1200)

A favorite among cat fanciers, the American curl has curling ears, a silk flat-lying coat, a medium and rectangular build, and expressive eyes. Though caused by a mutation, its ears remain to be one of its distinct features.

These cats are very sociable, affectionate, and loving towards humans and animals. If you are into vocal cats, you should consider this one. They are curious and adaptable. The best part is that they are great with kids.

american curl cat

21. Korat ($500-$800)

Known for its exquisite and distinct appearance, the Korat comes in a silver-tipped blue with a shimmering effect. It’s complemented by its large, peridot green, amber, or golden-green eyes. It’s a crowd’s favorite for a reason.

This cat is known for its amazing sense of hearing, sight, and scent. You will be amazed to know that the Korat is a prosperity symbol in its homeland, Thailand. It has an excellent memory and is a bit wary of strangers, so take this as a guide if you plan to be its future owner.

korat cat

22. The Allerca ($6,000)

It is always a hassle to have the love for pets and an allergy to their furs. It is one good reason why the Allerca is priced at a hefty tag of $6000.

As they say, this breed is genetically made with the intent to have genes that immobilize human allergens. With this intent and design, people who have allergies to pets can now enjoy having their furry companion around.

allerca cat

23. Bengal ($25,000)

For $25,000, you can get an exotic-looking cat with golden shimmers, arrowhead markings, marbling, and rosettes. This beautiful breed resulted from the cross-breeding of domestic cats, the Asian leopard cat, and Egyptian Maus.

Despite the wild-like look, this breed makes great feline pets. It’s known to be intelligent and curious. It’s fun, active, and playful.

With this cat, you can enjoy a friendly, sociable, and affectionate cat that is nice to animals and people, especially children.

bengal cat

24. Selkirk Rex ($500-$800)

A cat with curly locks in its tummy, neck, and flanks, the Selkirk Rex has a dominant curly coat gene. It tends to have straight-haired or curly-haired kittens as offsprings.

Can you imagine how cute this cat looks with its curly whiskers? Apart from its cuteness, it’s also loved for its tolerance and patience.

These cats are very active, energetic, and playful. They can be housed with kids and other animals as they are friendly and sociable. However, they need much attention in grooming as they are a bit high-maintenance.

selkirk rex cat

25. The Russian Blue ($3,000)

If you want a cat with a unique appearance, the Russian blue is one to check. It has a light shimmering silver to slate gray color, green eyes, and a short, dense coat. Its beautiful aesthetics and behavior make it a great deal.

These cats are friendly, reserved, and intelligent. They are very curious and tranquil, making them perfect for those not into vocal cats.

They do well in training and physical activities, adding to this is a great memory. They can do well with other pets and kids, but they are quite sensitive to human emotions, so make sure they feel loved is a must.

the russian blue

Most Expensive Cat Breeds in the World

It is already known to you the 10 cat breeds that are the most expensive ones around the world.

So it will be very easier for you to buy the suitable one for you. Before you choose one, remember to make a vast study on the breed. Now it has become easier to get details information about any breed in the internet.