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30 Most Famous Horse Breeds to Know About

The thing about horses is that though most of us profess to love them, we really do not know that much about them. In fact, there are many breeds of horses out there and to know them all would take a lot of time.  We have given below brief descriptions of 30 horse breeds to enable you to have an idea about them and it will help while buying a hosre:

Most Famous Horse Breeds

  • Morgan: This is a breed of horse that would have become part of your childhood due to the mention in Figure, which is a nonfiction book by Marguerite Henry. This is a gentle horse that is good for breeds (1)horse breeds (2)
  • Mountain Pleasure horse: This one has been around for more than one and a half centuries with people who settled originally in the area that is known as Eastern Kentucky had use for work in the fields and breeds (3)
  • Mule: A breed that is remarkably strong and calm and very well suited for driving, carrying and driving, the mule is the result of human efforts. The mule is produced by breeding a male donkey to a female breeds (4)
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  • Mustang: Is a horse that has been running wild in America and vanished till the Spanish Conquistadors that came in the 19th breeds (5)
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  • National show horse: This has been considered a official breed in 1982 after being known as the Half Arabian show horse for numerous years. It is a breed that is produced by crossing the Saddle bred with Arabian.
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  • New forest pony: This one comes from the coastal area of England and is one of the native horse breeds of United breeds (8)
  • Newfoundland pony:  This pony comes from the British breeds that were brought to the Newfoundland by the breeds (9)
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  • Nokota:  These are the last descendants from the wild horses from North breeds (10)
  • Norman Cob: This became known as a breed in the early part of the 1900s. The name was chosen because their resemblance to the English breeds (11)
  • Norwegian Fjord : This happens to among the oldest breeds from across the globe with its origins being traced back to the breeds (12)
  • Oldenburg : This horse was first created in the seventeenth century via the efforts of Count Anton Gunther von Oldenburg  and Count Johann XVI von to create a great horse for breeds (13)
  • Orlov Trotter: This horse breed was created in Russia in the 18th century by crossing Arabian Stallions with European breeds (14)
  • Paint Horse: The first description of these horses can be traced back to 1519 to Hernando Carter.  By the turn of the 18th century you could see many such horses in the breeds (15)
  • Paso Fino :  This one boasts, Andalusian, the Barb and the gaited Spanish breeds (16)
  • Percheron : This horse breed was created in Normandy in the Le Perche area in the 732 AD with the Barb horses left over from the Moors that marauded during Battle of Tours. The cross of breed consisted of Barbs, Flemish horses with the addition of Arabian breeds (17)
  • Peruvian Horse: Though sharing the same strains as Paso Fino, it is a different breed.Peruvian Paso at the Hacienda Mamacona
  • Pinto : Though spotted horses are known to have come from American Indian horses, the two toned pattern could be traced to North America via Spanish and Arabian breeds (19)
  • Pony of the Americas : The first one was born in 1954 in the spring with inadvertent breeding of Appaloosa mare with a Shetland breeds (20)
  • Przewalski Horse : These horses owe their existence to the forest horses, the Asiatic wild horse and Tarpan and were believed to be extinct until spotted in 1879 in Southwest breeds (21)
  • Quarter Horse : You can trace the roots of this horse to the early phase of America and are a result of  Spanish horses with English breeds (22)
  • Racking Horse : Belonging to the South with its plantations before the civil war this one is part of the Tennessee walking breeds (23)
  • Ranger : General Ulysses Grant took two stallions, a Barb and Arabian  and bred them with Cowhorses  from breeds (24)horse breeds (36)
  • Rocky Mountain Horse  This horse originates from the Appalachian Mountain foothills in Eastern Kentucky in the breeds (25)horse breeds (37)
  • Saddlebred : This one comes from Hobbie horses from Britain and breeds (26)
  • Selle Francais: This is a French horse that is warm blood and developed in the stud farms of the government in the Normandy in breeds (27)
  • Shagya Arabian :This one is named after the original sire called Shagya that  was born in 1810. This breed came about to fulfill the need for a bigger and more robust horse for riding which was also smart like the breeds (28)
  • Shetland Pony: This comes from a small island of the same name and is a breed that could have been brought over by raiders of Viking breeds (29)
  • Shire : This is the most well known draft horse from UK and made the first appearance in Britain in the form of Great horse brought over in 1066 by William the breeds (30)
  • Spanish Mustang : This breed has descended  from the horses that were brought to the new world in 15th Century by breeds (31)
  • Spotted Saddle Horse : The breeding of this horse takes in the bloodlines from Spanish American ponies with that of the heavy Tennessee walking horse.

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