12 Most Poisonous Frogs in the World

Generally when coming to the part of poisonous creatures we think of Snakes and Insects. But there are many other poisonous creatures in this world. Among them frogs are in the hit list. We see frog in many places and often try to trap them for fun. But some frogs in this world are really very poisonous and can even lead to death. Some frogs are so poisonous that even if we touch them we can get infectious diseases. Normally are very common creature in your community and very we find them in our garden or nearby parks or bushes. So we should know about these poisonous frogs to be careful. Here is a list of some most poisonous frogs in the World.

Most Poisonous Frogs in the World:

1. Giant Leaf Frog: They are also commonly known as Monkey frog as they are tree dwelling frogs. The most amazing fact about this frog is that some of its toxic ingredients are use in treating AIDS and Cancer. But still it is very dangerous as their mild poison may lead to various health effects like hallucination, gastric upset and sedation.

Most poisonous Frogs in the world1

2. Red Backed Poison Frog: This type of frog is mainly found in Peru. Their poison is very harmful and enough to kill an animal immediately. They have great self defense against enemy. Their poison is also compared with any poisonous big snake. Although it is seen that a chicken dies at once if attacked by this Ted Backed Poison Frog.

Most poisonous Frogs in the world2

3. Corroboree Frog: Corroboree Frog is mainly native to Sub Alpines of Australia. They are probably the first discovered invertebrates that can produce poison on their own. They are easily recognizable for their yellow stripes on top of black. They are critically endangered in Australia and conservation process is going on to protect this natural asset. At the end they look very beautiful for their color combination.

Most poisonous Frogs in the world3

4. Golden Poison Frog: This is one of the most poisonous frogs in this planet. A human being can die even by touching it. Although it is a small creature but has the power to kill even an adult elephant and up to 20 peoples. They are mainly found in some parts of Netherlands. It is proved in a research that its poison directly attacks the heart and leads to heat fail.

Most poisonous Frogs in the world4

5. Black Legged Dart Frog: It is the second most poisonous frog in the earth. Scientifically they are known as Phyllobates bicolor. It is said that the batrachotoxin present in their poison pain, fever and even paralysis of muscles and respiratory failures which can leads to death. Only 150 microgram of their poison is enough to kill an adult human being. They are very small in size and are mainly found in Western Columbia.

Phyllobates Bicolor

6. Strawberry Poison Dart Frog: They are very beautiful looking, Central American frogs that are very harmful for humans. As their poison can cause severe burning and swelling in a human skin. It is said that the main source of their poison comes from eating mites.

Most poisonous Frogs in the world6

7. Golfodulcean Poison Frog: This type of frog contains very strikingly colored stripes running down their body. Probably they are the fourth most poisonous frogs in this world but still their harmful poison may lead to severe health issues in human.

Most poisonous Frogs in the world7

8. Splash Backed Poison Frog: It is a tree dwelling frog mostly found in the rainforest areas of Peru and Ecuador. They secrete the poison from their skin and are capable to kill up to 5 humans at a time. They are beautifully designed with black and white color combination.

Most poisonous Frogs in the world8

9. Dyeing Dart Frog: Dyeing Dart Frog are found in various color combinations and probably the third largest poisonous Frog. The tribes of Guiana use their poison to hunt other animals. It is also known that the tribal people massage parrots body with the frog and as an affect the parrot’s feathers converts into different colors.

Most poisonous Frogs in the world9

10. Blue Poison Dart Frog: Although this frog is quiet less poisonous but still their 2 micrograms of poison can kill and adult human easily. They are one of the beautiful looking frog in the world with rich blue color and black dots all over the body. They are mainly found in the South American regions.

Most poisonous Frogs in the world10

11. Lovely Poison Dart Frog: Their toxicity level is quiet low and very beautiful looking striped frog. Because of their beautiful stripes all over the body they are also known Striped Poisonous Frog. Mainly this type of frog is found in Central America. It is said that their poison is less toxic to humans but sometimes may cause heart failure.

Most poisonous Frogs in the world11

12. Phantasmal Poison Frog: This frog is very amazing as it is very small in size but with a power packed poison inside it. They are really killer frogs and can easily kill animals and humans. Mainly they have a beautiful color combination of brown and white. Their poison is very valuable as it contains a substance ‘Epibatadine’ which is 200 times powerful painkiller than ‘Morphine’. Many medical researches are going on with this frog.

Most poisonous Frogs in the world12