10 Naturally Ways to Get Rid of Dog fleas and Dog Itchy Skin


It may be possible that your dog is continuously itching their body for some days. In such situations, we people think that fleas are the only cause of this type of dog itching. But it is not so in all the cases. The medical term of Dog Itching is Pruritus. There can be many causes for which your dog is itching continuously. But the most important thing is that you will have look for the remedy. Here are some very useful tips which are also home remedies and flea treatments to help relieve your dog from all the itching.

First of all you should know the things which you should avoid during the itching period. Never bath your dog with too much quantity of shampoo. Notice the itchy spot and sooth the place with Epsom Salt. Take remedial steps to control fleas and you can also use an e-collar temporarily to stop them from itching.

Home Remedies of Dog Itchy Skin:

So, which dog flea and tick control is the best?

Epsom Salt or Ocean Water: If your dog is itching too much, wash the affected area with Epsom salt mixed with warm water. Washing the affected area with Ocean water also works better. Ocean water works like a miracle for dogs.

Home Remedies for Dog Itch 1

Avoid Too Much Shampoo: Avoid using too much shampoo while cleaning your dog. Actually these shampoos dry their skin and will result in more irritation and itching.

Home Remedies for Dog Itch 2

Vinegar: Mix vinegar with plain water and pour on the area where your dog is itching. But apple vinegar is more useful in case of dogs with fleas. But remember not to use too much of vinegar as that is also not good for your dog’s skin.

Home Remedies for Dog Itch 3

Diet: Make sure that your dog is having a diet with enough amount of fat. Fish oil is a great supplement. Also you can feed the vegetables that are rich in nutrients and antioxidants. You can also use olive oil as a good supplements for dogs. Food allergies are sometimes a cause of dog itching, so be careful about the foods you are giving them.

Home Remedies for Dog Itch 4

Thyme Tea: Prepare a cup of Thyme tea. After it cools down, pour it into a spray bottle and spray in the affected area and the dry patches.

Home Remedies for Dog Itch 5

Other Home Remedies: Calendula oil is great for the remedy of dry patches on dog’s skin, again you can use tea tree oil for healing the dry spots. Oatmeal can be also added to bath or shampoo.

Home Remedies for Dog Itch 6

Home Remedies for Dogs with Fleas:

Lemon Spray: Take a half of lemon and squeeze the juice into the bottle. Now drop the lemon into the bottle. Fill the rest bottle with water and keep it overnight. Spray onto the dog’s whole body. They will smell very good plus the fleas also don’t like lemon.


Diatomaceous Earth: This you will find in the pet stores. This is very useful to kill fleas. Apply it in their whole body before bath and then wash them up.

Home Remedies for Dog Itch 8

Garlic: Add garlic in the foods they eat. Actually garlic is one of the best home remedies for fleas.

Home Remedies for Dog Itch 9

Reduce Fleas from Home: Vacuum the carpets and furniture regularly to suck up all the fleas and their eggs in the house. It also sucks up the mites. You can also shake and wash the bedding outside the house. Shaking will shake of the fleas and their eggs and mites.

Home Remedies for Dog Itch 10

Bathing your Dog for Healthy Skin: As you have read earlier that using harsh shampoos in a large amount is not good at all. You can add a drop of cooking oil in a few drops of inexpensive dog shampoo and about five cups water will clean away all the mites and fleas from their body. Take an empty separate container and mix them up for regular use. You can also test this solution by pouring it above a small ant in your home. It the ant dies, it is going to work well. Pour the whole mixture all over the body of your dog from neck down to tail. You should always start from neck so that all the fleas and mites don’t climb up to the head of the dog. Scrub the dog’s body nicely and in a systematic way so that not a single place get’s hidden. After scrubbing, immediately don’t rush to wash them. Keep the solution for some time in their body. Prefer outside of your house to give them bath and make less mess inside the home.

Home Remedies for Dog Itch 11

So now probably you can treat your itching dog absolutely at home after knowing the tips. After their bath allow them to shake their body nicely. If the itching still persists, then without any delay, urgently you should contact to your nearest veterinary doctor.