TropiClean Dog Shampoo Review

This TropiClean dog shampoo review will look at the brand’s Luxury 2-in-1 Pet Shampoo and Conditioner.

TropiClean specializes in the creation of eco-friendly pet grooming cosmetics from naturally derived ingredients.

It is a company that only began in 1992, but it is now servicing 65 countries around the globe.

Today, it offers a wide array of world-class products for pet owners and their best friends.

TropiClean Dog Shampoo Review

TropiClean markets medicated solutions, dog spa treatments, oral care solutions, flea and tick control products, and tropical grooming cosmetics.

Among its shampoos with fresh tropical fragrances is the TropiClean Luxury 2-in-1 Pet Shampoo and Conditioner.

This pet shampoo and conditioner is for general bathing applications.

It has a plastic bottle with a curved body that makes it easy to grip even with wet hands.

In addition, the bottle has a green plastic flip-top twist cap that is almost effortless to open with just a thumb flick.

Who Is This Product For?

If you like fresh, tropical fragrances, the TropiClean Luxury 2-in-1 is an excellent pet shampoo choice.

Also, anyone looking for a high percentage of natural ingredients will surely love this product.

Let’s elaborate on who can enjoy using this shampoo and conditioner combo.

  • For Dogs and Cats

With this shampoo, it doesn’t matter if your best friend is a dog or a cat.

Its pH-balanced formula is safe for cats and dogs, and it will leave the same fresh and cuddly scent.

It works for pets of all ages and sizes, as long as none of the ingredients fall under your pet’s allergen list.

  • For Pet Owners of all Ages

If you’re old enough to own a pet and understand its necessities, then you’re smart enough to give it a full bath.

Moreover, as a pet owner, the choice of shampoo is ultimately your discretion.

This pet shampoo is perfectly manageable even for young pet owners, as it is non-toxic and gentle on the skin.

  • For Pet Groomers

Are you a professional pet groomer? Imagine your grooming station smelling like the sweet and fresh flavors of the tropics.

This shampoo comes in large containers for large pet families and pet grooming businesses.

What’s Included?

The TropiClean Luxury 2-in-1 Pet Shampoo and Conditioner comes in a 20-ounce plastic bottle. However, you can also get it in one-gallon and 2.5-gallon containers.

Choose the larger container options if you have a pet grooming business or if you are managing a multi-dog household.

Overview of the Features

The TropiClean Papaya and Coconut Shampoo and Conditioner uses a luxurious lather to cleanse, condition, and relax your pet’s skin and coat.

After a single use of this shampoo, you can expect a soft and healthy coat that requires little effort in brushing.

We like that TropiClean shampoo containers come from 50 percent recycled materials.

TropiClean maximizes its earth-friendly efforts by using sustainable materials for its products.

  • Ingredients

The best feature of the TropiClean Luxury 2-in-1 is its use of 99.3 percent all-natural ingredients.

These ingredients treat your pets to a rich cleansing lather that removes irritants and moisturizes the skin.

It contains purified water, mild coconut cleanser, sodium chloride, colloidal oatmeal, and hydrolyzed wheat protein.

With the coconut-based cleanser, the TropiClean Luxury 2-in-1 lets your pet receive the benefits of coconut oils.

In addition to the coconut cleanser, other fresh tropical ingredients include aloe vera, chamomile, pomegranate, yucca plant, kiwi, and mango.

To account for the remaining 0.7 percent of the ingredients, the TropiClean Luxury 2-in-1 uses proprietary components.

These artificial components are essential for maintaining the product’s quality and integrity.

Nevertheless, its contents are non-toxic, which means you, your pet, and the environment are safe from its residues.

Moreover, it does not contain any soaps, dyes, and parabens. Plus, it is perfectly safe to use even with applied topical flea treatments.

  • Scent Profile

Using this shampoo leaves the tropical scent of sweet papaya and coconut on your pet’s skin and coat.

The natural fragrance is easy to enjoy, giving your pet a rejuvenating and relaxing beachside experience.


  • All-natural, non-toxic
  • Soap-free, paraben-free, dye-free
  • Has a fresh tropical scent
  • Contains vitamin E
  • pH-balanced formula
  • Includes some fragrances and preservatives


  • Does not include any medications
  • Promotes hair replacement that leads to excessive shedding
  • Results in dry skin for some dogs

How to Get the Most Out of It

You can appreciate the Luxury 2-in-1 better if you pair it with the TropiClean Deep Cleaning Pet Wipes and the TropiClean Waterless Shampoo.

Use the pet wipes for on-the-go cleaning and the waterless shampoo if you do not have time for a full bath.

Furthermore, don’t waste your shampoo on unnecessarily frequent baths.

Too much bathing can alter your pet’s bodily processes of natural oil regeneration and cause skin dehydration, itchiness, and irritation.

If the reason behind frequent bathing is foul odors, you might want to look for other underlying conditions.

Your pet may have infections or parasites that contaminate the skin and coat, causing odor problems.


Choosing a shampoo scent for your dog can be a bit tricky unless scent samples are lying around for you to sniff on.

With all the formulated shampoo scents available, you might forget about the more critical features a dog shampoo should have.

If papaya and coconut fragrances do not quite strike you as very pleasing scents, check out these alternatives.

1. Pet Head Dirty Talk Yummy Orange

The Pet Head Dirty Talk Yummy Orange has fruity fragrances of the tangy kind.

Aside from having that sweet orange smell, this shampoo works as an excellent deodorizer for your pet’s skin and coat.

It contains orange peel oil, vegetable and soy protein extracts, and baking soda.

This formula is a perfect combination of moisturizing, revitalizing, and deodorizing ingredients that make the Dirty Talk an excellent choice.

2. Arm and Hammer Super Deodorizing Shampoo

Another option is the Arm and Hammer Super Deodorizing Shampoo.

It features exotic fragrances from fresh kiwi fruit and Japanese cherry blossoms.

The Arm and Hammer pet shampoo uses coconut-based surfactants instead of harsh chemical soaps.

Its ingredients constitute a gentle formula that integrates the powerful cleansing and deodorizing capabilities of baking soda.


Hopefully, this TropiClean dog shampoo review has shed some light on the more likable properties of the TropiClean Luxury 2-in-1.

Keep in mind that while it has a unique papaya-coconut scent, it also boasts a combination of shampoo and conditioner in one product.

It can perfectly clean, moisturize, and revitalize your pet’s skin and coat even just after a single wash.

If you’re looking for a fresh new smell for your pets, the blend of papaya and coconut scents deserves a spot on your list.