10 Popular Small Long Haired Dog Breeds

6. Yorkshire Terrier: Late from the Victorian Era, this dog breed has become a very fashionable pet around the world. It is one of the most popular dog breeds and is known for their great attitude and personality. Yorkshire Terrier is a very confident dog. But don’t forget about their affection.


7. English Toy Spaniel: This toy group member may be small in size but they still possess a nature of hunting. If you want a pet to guard your home all the time, this dog breed is a perfect one being small in size. They are very alert about everything and love to move around all through the day. They are also known for their study body and charming temperament.


8. Papillon: Do you know what does the word ‘papillon’ means in French? The butterfly is called as papillon in the French language. Do you know why this name was given to them? Just read below. But actually, it is a small, elegant, toy dog breed with a very light weight. They have long furs all over their body and can be easily distinguished from other dog breeds by the butterfly-like ears.


9. Silky Terrier: Coming straight from Australia, this amazing dog is now making its popular name all around the world. They have a quality of hunting around your house. So you can stay away from all the unwanted rodents moving around your house. They have very silky long haired fur all over their body and all their qualities make them an ideal companion pet.


10. Lhasa Apso: This lap dog breed has originated from the Tibet and was used as guard dogs in monasteries. They are known to be very loyal to the people very close to them. Lhasas are very intelligent also. So if they are trained in a proper way, they can be a good pet dog for your home.


A small dog with long hairs was your criteria and you got many of such dog breeds that fulfill your criteria. Now it’s your chance to choose one as your pet. The thing is that read about each of the dog in details and then decide which one will be the best choice for your family. So have a great time with your family as well as your new pet. Check out the articles on dog breeds, which will also help you to choose a pet for your home.