Promoting Dogs for Adoption at Pet Shelters

A dog is a man’s best friend and everybody knows that. But some people need an extra nudge to go and find this friend. Pet shelters are often full of incredible and unique dogs that just wait for their human to show up. It is safe to say that the vast majority of pet owners prefer adopting or even buying a puppy instead of a grown dog, which makes it so difficult for thousands of doggies to find a family. In order to increase their chances of being adopted, there are various tips and tricks that you can use. Of course, dogs are patient and loyal, but it is best to help them a little to find a new home.

Tips for Promoting Animals for Adoption

Thanks to the Internet and social media, there are so many ways of putting your shelter or foster pets out there for the people to see. A properly advertised doggie immediately has much higher chances of being adopted, which is the ultimate goal. Here are some pieces of advice that you can use for your pet promotion:

  • Create posters – visual representation is the key. You can write all you want about how sweet and well-behaved a specific dog is, but a nicely designed poster will catch the attention of a potential adopter better. Find a convenient poster maker online and design a colorful and engaging design with your pets that look for a family;
  • Incorporate social media – sometimes unpredictable posts can go viral and such attention is definitely very needed when trying to promote a pet from a shelter. You can create accounts in Instagram and TikTok, which are some of the most convenient platforms for posting fun pet content. In case you have a doggie with unique features or very instagrammable looks, try creating a separate profile for them. You can even use an instagram post generator to make this fast and easy. This way you might be able to produce viral content and use this engagement for promoting the whole shelter and other pets;
  • Make your dogs look good – of course, your pets should be well fed, cleaned, and groomed. But when you need to make a photoshoot for them or there is an open doors day at your shelter, you should make sure that your doggies look their absolute best. Maybe try something special such as making fun hairstyles for breeds with long fur or putting outfits on so they can look absolutely beautiful;
  • Write captivating descriptions – after a person is attracted by a great picture of your dog, it is time to present some info. Of course, each dog profile should include the necessary info, such as their name, age, sex, distinctive features, shots, etc. But what is most important is writing a witty and endearing short description that will make potential owners fall in love with a dog. You can even use some help from professional copywriters to come up with short and captivating texts, everything counts when you try to help your pet find a home, etc.

One of the key methods of successfully promoting pets for adoption is organizing fun events at your shelter. Of course, you can simply create flyers to invite people to an open doors day, but it is much more efficient to have a theme. Here are some ideas for great events at a dog shelter:

  • Reality show parody – one of the most fun ideas for a pet party is picking a popular reality show with one or more winners and making each dog at a shelter a participant. The visitors can vote for their favorite doggies in different categories and form stronger bonds with them;
  • Pet academy awards – this idea is especially fun if the Oscars are just around the corner. Imagine that all dogs are the actors or staff engaged in creating movies and come up with film-related puns to make it even more fun. You can even create outfits resembling famous movie characters. This will definitely attract attention and help with creating viral videos and pics;
  • Costume party – some breeds of dogs have a pretty bad rep as people consider them aggressive and dangerous. Such doggies like Bull terriers, Bulldogs, Dobermans, etc. can look intimidating, but they are usually total sweethearts with their owners. These dogs have trouble with adoption because of their looks. You can arrange an event that will include dressing them up and spending time together to learn how great they are.


The change of a dog being adopted highly depends on their presentation. It is up to the shelter employees and foster owners to demonstrate their doggies’ charm and ensure that potential owners can see them. Putting effort into social media platforms, leaflets, posters, and events definitely pays off. Constant advertising will ensure that no dogs are left behind and every single one of them can finally find a loving and caring home.