30 Awesome Dog Grooming Styles

Are you really interested in learning various types of dog grooming styles? Oh! You are ultimately at the right place.

Motivation is the only thing that you should grow first and we are here to grow that. So that’s great to hear that you are really thinking deeply about grooming your dog.

Remember that it is very essential to learn the right techniques of grooming as otherwise it will turn into a very pathetic process.

And above all your dog will be the only sufferer. So your only aim should be learning some really good grooming techniques which you can try out at home.

Dog Grooming Styles To Try

1. The Lamb Cut

Designed to make your pets look like a little lamb, this is the ideal cut for curly-haired dogs, especially during summer. When it gets a bit hot and humid, dogs would want a lighter and cooler feel too.

A lamb cut does the job, and you can do it by trimming or shaving the hair on your pet’s throat, feet, face, and base of its tail. This cut leaves more fur on the extremities.

It can also work for the cold weather because the fur on their legs keeps their paws warm, especially during winter. Note that you may need to groom and retouch every six to eight weeks.

2. The Teddy Bear Cut

Who doesn’t love teddy bears? The teddy bear trim leaves your pet looking like a cute bear cub.

This trim is usually the best choice for pet owners who do not have the luxury of time to get their pets groomed now and then. Maintenance of this cut is every six to eight weeks, so it works great for pet owners who are always on the go.

An excellent option for pets living in a warm or hot environment, this cut allows their bodies to remain cool. The trim leaves your pet’s face and head hair longer than that of their bodies.

People residing in a cold area choose not to cut their pet’s body hair super short. Still, you can do so as long as you keep it at a length that keeps your pet well-insulated.

3. Clean Face Cut

If your dog loves to mess around muddy places or is fond of drinking on puddles and open cups, the clean face cut is one to try. It is ideal for those who want to keep their pet’s face clean and neat.

You should not be worried about your pet not having insulation, as this cut still leaves some fur on its head. However, the highlight of the cut will be that short and clean space around his nose and mouth. You can trim the body hair short or long, but the face hair remains clear for sniffing and eating.

4. Shaved

This cut may not focus on being an eye-pleaser, but some circumstances require shaving. Some pet owners shave their pet’s hair because of extreme heat and humidity. Other dogs get shaved because of too much matting in their fur, making it painful and uncomfortable for them.

This cut can also be done to dogs with injuries, scratches, or allergies because the hair in the area can cause irritation and harbor dirt and debris.

Though some people still do it for aesthetics, it is important to check with your vet and see whether this is a great choice for your pet. Experts suggest you shouldn’t completely shave double-coated dogs as they need their coats.

5. Lion’s Cut

If you have seen dogs like chow-chows with a lion-like appearance, then you have witnessed a cut they call the lion’s trim.

Aptly named, it resembles the hair around a lion’s face. That said, you can expect a cuter outcome since it is done for dogs.

The cut is basic. All you are left with is to cut the dog’s hair in a way where the hair around its jaw is longer.

As for the body, it can be cut or shaved as close to the skin. The other parts that are kept long would be the tip of the dog’s tail.

For this to look its best, you have to brush the long parts of the hair daily. This type of cut may need weekly retouches and grooming. 

But if you are into the cut more than the amount of maintenance required for it, then go ahead and give your pet this cut.

6. Kennel Cut

If you do not have the luxury of time to get your dogs groomed regularly, this is the perfect cut to go for. It is a low-maintenance cut requiring minimal effort in combing and grooming.

This cut generally involves shaving the fur down until only half an inch of the fur is left on the pet’s body and face. Every breed has a unique look when given the kennel cut, so you can still enjoy a stylish and exquisite look. The amazing thing about it is that it comes at a low price.

7. Top Knot Cut

If you have seen those cute pups with their version of the man bun, then you have seen what we call the top knot cut. While the man bun looks like it is tied up like a bun, it is not the same for pets.

Since pets will not be comfortable with hair ties for a long time, the cut aims to create the top knot with a cut. It is ideal for dogs with long hair, such as Shi Tzu, Yorkshire terriers, and Maltese.

It requires patience to grow out the hair, but your dog’s face can be seen better with this cut. It also keeps it neat and clean for sniffing around and eating.

8. Schnauzer Cut

If you have a pet, you definitely want to try this look. This cut mainly keeps the hair on your pet’s head while the body hair remains at a shorter length.

Meanwhile, the legs sport a longer and layered look. It is accompanied by long eyebrows and beards, along with rounded paws.

Despite the name, you can assure that this isn’t for Schnauzers alone. This cut can be sported by other breeds too.

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Different Dog Grooming Styles:

Actually there are lots of professional pet groomers that you will find in your town, but the fact is that going to them will result in an expense of a big amount of money and of course some hours here out of the day.

But what you will be getting at the end?

Yes your pet will be looking like an over groomed circus dog.

We don’t think that any pet lover will be happy with that.

So you all dog owners should try your hand in grooming your own pet at home as that will save your money and also will save some of your time.

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30 Dog Grooming Styles 14

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So, first of all, you will have to know the benefits of home grooming.

Actually grooming your dog at home will need a lot of patience, commitment, time and preparation.

So when you are ready with all these things, just put your leg forward. So the main benefit is saving money and time which is a very important thing.

Second, comes that your dog will be very happy with your decision. Third is that you can care your dog better than anyone else. And lastly, you both will be spending a quality time.

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Yes, some may be thinking about the benefits of regular grooming. So you should know that there are obviously some great benefits that your dog will be getting.

The main advantage of regular grooming is parasite control. If your dog’s coat is well groomed, it will be much easier for you to check what’s going on under the fur.

You know very well that fleas like to make their homes in dog coat and so if you notice them soon you can also take care of it in time. Isn’t that good for your dog?

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30 Dog Grooming Styles 27

So now if you are really ready to groom your dog, you will need some tools to make the process easier.

Yes, you can get them from any veterinary shop. So you don’t have to get tensed about its availability.

So here we are telling about some common tools that you should have at home while grooming.

The first one is high-quality animal clippers. The quality should be really good because this is always suggested by the vets.

Next is that you will need a small dog brush depending on the size of your dog and the coat they have. These brushes are slightly different than the cat brush you would use for your cat. to read more about the best cat brushes for cats click here.

Now a comb that will help you to keep the furs and coats in an organized manner and an organic dog shampoo to keep your dog clean from all the dirt they catch.

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So lastly the main thing that you should know is that grooming you’re not a very big deal but the fact is that you should be a learned person about all these matters.

Don’t do anything according to your wish or what other says. The best way is to learn the grooming styles thoroughly from the internet or from any institution that will really guide you the best.  Check out these adorable Yorkie haircuts!

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