Simple Tips Helps you to Draw Furry, Fluffy and Feathered

Drawing something has always been interesting. If we really love to draw, we have tried drawing many things around us but have you ever tried drawing animals? Drawing animals needs some basic outlines. So if you are trying it for the first time, you must take some points into consideration. Here we will discuss about that in details and you all will have to go with that. You will see that if you can follow the perfect way of drawing you will be getting the right output very easily. So let’s move on to discuss about some tips that will help you in drawing the furry, fluffy and feathered.

Simple Tips Helps you to Draw Furry, Fluffy and Feathered

Identifying the length of Fur: Most of the animals are covered with furs and so while drawing them, you will have to identify the length of the fur. Some animals come with short fur and some animal come with long furs and hence this is very important while you are going to draw them. Now the furry coats of animals can be straight, curly, soft, coarse, shiny, spotted or striped. So let’s look into some really good suggestions that will make your drawing more realistic.

Short Fur:

When you are trying to draw a short fur, you will have to draw short curved hatching lines. Actually, hatching is the best and perfect shading technique for rendering the texture of most of the type of furs. You will have to keep in mind that fur grows in many directions from their body and hence to make it realistic, you will have to do that. Before drawing an animal, you should have clear view of their full body and as you are an artist, you will be getting an outline about the structure in which you will have to make the drawing.

Drawing the Flurry Fluffy and Feathered 1

Drawing the Flurry Fluffy and Feathered 1a

Drawing the Flurry Fluffy and Feathered 1b

Long Fur:

Similarly, when you are drawing long furs, you will have to draw long and curved hatching lines to create such illusions. Now the thing is that being an artist you will know that drawing long fur is a bit difficult so some people face a bit problem. But you will not feel that problem if you can really go in the right way. Actually, the individual stands curve in different directions and overlap one another.

Drawing the Flurry Fluffy and Feathered 2a

Drawing the Flurry Fluffy and Feathered 2

Drawing the Flurry Fluffy and Feathered 2b


While drawing a feather, you will have to understand the basic shape of the individual’s feather. Understanding an individual’s feather shape and construction will help you to draw the number of feathers of the wing with a lot of accuracy. The wide end of the shaft of a feather is called quill. Wings come in a vast range of shape and sizes, from the tiny delicate wings of magnificent strong wings of a bald eagle. You will have to adapt the shape and sizes and also the whole construction of this wing. This will make your way of drawing more easier.

Drawing the Flurry Fluffy and Feathered 3

Drawing the Flurry Fluffy and Feathered 3b

Drawing the Flurry Fluffy and Feathered 3a

Some points that you should keep in mind while you are drawing fur or feathers:

1. Observe closely in which direction the fur or feather grows and draw your shading lines to follow that direction.

2. To make the furs and feathers more realistic, you should draw the shading lines in different sizes and shapes.

3. It is the best to use curved shading lines to show the actual form of the bird or animal.

4. Finally, the thing you should obviously pay attention to is the lights and shadows. The texture is also very important to understand. So when you are drawing firs and feathers, you should remember about these things.

5. Know well about the use of pencils while you are making a sketch. This will help you to bring the real essence in the picture.

So you have learnt about various types of drawings techniques that are needed to make a drawing of an animal. But the thing is that we have not made this article to teach drawing to anybody. Here we have just collected some tips that will help you to make your sketch or drawing more realistic. So from the next time when you all will be drawing animals, it is the best to draw in this way. So try out something creative and if you have a pet at home, you are lucky as you are readily getting your first model in front of you.