Sphynx Cat Breed Information and Facts with Pictures

Do you know about the hairless cat?

Yes, absolutely we are talking about one and only Sphynx cats which landed up accidentally but is now very popular around the world because of its unique appearance. So are you in love with the Sphynx and ready to own that as your pet?

Here you should obviously have a look at this useful Sphynx cat breed information and facts. We have also included some outstanding pictures of Sphynx cats that will make you fall in love with them. So don’t ever think of missing it out for the sake of your hairless member.

Sphynx Cat Breed Information and Facts with Pictures:


As we have said in the introduction that, sphynx cat came to this world just accidentally because of the genetic mutation. The first sphynx cat in this world came to Elizabeth, a domestic cat in Canada. So sphynx was always regarded as an unusual breed. They were previously known as Canadian Hairless Cat. But due to its popularity, sphynx cat is now recognized by most of the largest cat associations in the world.


Sphynx is a human attention lover. He can do anything to get the attraction of humans. So because of that sphynx cat is a very social cat and loves to stay in touch with people around them. Normally, they are very curious and energetic and try to explore the things around them. If you have other pets at home, don’t worry as sphynx can adjust with any pet.


Actually, when you are keeping a cat in your home, you have to aware of their health problems and conditions. Almost every cat breeds are prone to health problems that are genetic in nature. So, you can’t stop that from happening. But if you know about the disease, you can be careful about their condition.

Urticuria Pigmentosa, it is a skin disease that causes crusty sores on the body. So keep that in notice and talk with the veterinarian about the disease. Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a heart disease that is common in many cat breeds, but not genetically transferred in sphynx cat. But they are prone to this disease.


You may think that no fur means less grooming, but it’s a complete misperception. Sphynx cat breed needs a lot of grooming and you have to keep their skin moisturized all the time. They even need a weekly bath to clean the folds and wrinkles which are the house of bacteria. Cats are not so friendly with bath, so you will have to make it a regular habit from their very young age. Keep their ears and teeth clean all the time. As they don’t have fur all over their body, they can’t adjust so well to cold temperature. So cover them with blankets and sweaters and also keep them inside your house all the time.


Sphynx have a very fast metabolism because their body temperature is higher than any other cat breed. Because of this, sphynx eat a lot and you will have to provide that. Even they grow a pot belly because of huge eating. Don’t make a mistake by thinking them as all the other cats.

Hypoallergenic Breed:

As because they don’t have fur on their body, many people say that they are not hypoallergenic and are good for pet owners who are allergic to cats. But no, sphynx cat breed is hypoallergenic and not a good option for people who are allergic to cats. They produce an allergenic protein in saliva and skin secretions.

Dexterous Toes:

Sphynx cats are famous for their dexterous toes that mean they can use the fingers to pickup something which they find interest in. They can also manipulate small items with their toes. So it is a unique feature found in cats.


Last, of all, a sphynx cat is very intelligent in nature and can adapt anything they see in front of them. Though they have a high level of energy and that is the reason they are full of curiosity. They have a great urge to know about something. So they can learn very easily.

Once you are getting a sphynx at home, you know what to face with them. So knowing about a breed in details eases your expectations and then you know what to expect from your pet cat. We hope our article on sphynx cat breed information and facts will really help every sphynx cat owner and will guide them to the happy future with the cat.

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