30 Strange Animals That You Didn’t Even Know Existed

The animal kingdom is so vast that even as we feel that we know most of the species out there, you will find that there are many of whose existence we did not even have a clue. We know that most of us cannot truly claim to know all the animals out there, but these are not known to even some of the hardcore animal lovers. Here are some of  very Strange Animals That You Didn’t Even Know Existed:

Red bearded Titi: This is a primate that was discovered in the Amazon rainforest. Like many of its species it has many human like characteristics.

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Red bearded Titi
The Lesula
: Is a type of monkey from Africa and was found in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Wattled Smokey Honeyeater
: Is a species that was found in Indonesia.

Wattled Smokey Honeyeater
Megalara Garuda
: Is a wasp and in fact it is known as the king of wasps. It is huge to look at and is also supposed to be poisonous.

The blue parrotfish: This fish was found in the Atlantic ocean and is of a bright blue color.

Blue Parrotfish

Amazonian Royal Flycatcher



Glaucus Atlanticus



Irrawaddy Dolphin

Indian Purple Frog