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Ten Of The Weirdest Looking Creature On This Planet

We cannot say it enough; our earth and mother nature are incredible and there are so many things that we do not even know about. Think of these incredibly strange looking creatures that feel as if they are visiting from some exotic planet and you wonder if maybe they are indeed visitors from other planets.

Let us take a look at a wide range of weird creatures that will make you sit up and wonder:


: They may have a passing resemblance to eels but their mouth full of teeth will make you think of something scary. It may not ease your mind but some species of lamprey are parasites and they do use their scary mouth to get into the flesh of those that they attack and then suck out the body fluids. But the ones found in fresh water are not parasites and mainly feed on ammocoetes through a filtering process.

Giant Isopod

: They resemble a giant louse or even a pill bug but to most people they may seem like some fearsome creatures from the alien world. They can grow to about 8 to 14 inches on average but at a maximum they can go up to 30 inches. Found in the depths of the ocean they live off slow moving prey and dead fish. The giant isopod will eat a lot when they can and use the reserves to live for long periods of deprivation.

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staticflickr com