How to Help Your Fat Cat Lose Weight Naturally

Cats are one of the most common pet animals around the world.

And according to the veterinarians 40 percent of the pet cats around the world are obese. Most of us think that fat cats look very cute and handsome. But we never think that what’s the problem going on with them.

Yes the cats face lots of problems due to overweight. Not only that they also suffers from various diseases due to extra fats in their body. If you are a cat lover and own a pet cat you should be very careful that your pet cat does not put over weight.

And for that you have to be very serious about the matter. Actually there are many such natural ways by which you can avoid your cat from getting extra weight. Read the article carefully and after that you are going to gather a lot of simple and natural measures to keep your cat fit and slim. You can also check out this great cat calorie calculator!

Help your Fat Cats Lose Weight Naturally:

Offer Less food: Cats are foodies. They love to eat their favorite foods. You know that cats love to eat food stealing from here and there. But you should be very careful that your pet cat doesn’t do so. Don’t give your cat a lot of food to eat. This helps to them a lot of extra fat. Feed them with regular foods in a small amount two to three times a day. Avoid giving them the independence of free eating.

Tortoiseshell cat eating wet food from plastic bowl

Maintain Food quality: Cats need high protein foods. So provide them with foods that are rich in protein but with less carbohydrate because high carbohydrate foods will result in gaining extra weight. There are many good quality cat foods available in market. Serve your cat with those foods. But if you want to offer homemade foods to your loved pet then you may search for some cat food recipe available on internet or elsewhere. Consult with a veterinarian and listen to what he suggests. Actually they can understand which food will be suitable for your cat.


Give enough water to drink: Be sure that your cat drinks enough water every day. The experts at Reveal Pet Food say, “Remember cats don’t drink a lot of water at a time instead of that they drink it in an interval throughout the day. Your duty is to notice the water bowls should be always filled with fresh water. And it can be easily reachable for your cat. Clean the bowls on a regular interval to avoid bacterial diseases.”

How to help your cat lose weight naturally3

Play with your cat: Cats are very playful in nature. But if your cat puts on extra weight they will be very lazy. So try to play regularly with your cat. Bring some cat toys that will keep your pet engaged all the time. If you have a lot of space in your home, then make a playing corner for your cat with recyclable items. Surely your cat will enjoy that. The main thing is to keep your cat engaged all the time. Cats love to play on their own. Most of the time no company is needed by them.


Engage In regular exercise: This is the best way to keep your pet away from getting fat. Cats love to go for an outing. Take them out of your home daily. Let them walk for a long distance. They will have a good time staying outside. Also try to make them run, jump etc. These will do a great exercise for your pet. Actually doing a lot of exercise will burn all the extra calories and there will be no chance of getting fat.

How to help your cat lose weight naturally5

Keep your cat locked while you are eating: While you and your family will be taking meals, lock your cat in a room so that they can’t come to you. Cats can just jump onto the table and fetch a food from there. Try to avoid feeding your cat with the foods you eat. It can be possible to gain a lot of calorie from those foods.

How to help your cat lose weight naturally6

Don’t let your cat go outside home: Cats love to innovate new things. So they have a habit to go out of your home and visit your neighborhoods. Don’t give a scope to your cat to go outside. Only take them outside with you. Because they can visit in your neighbor’s place to have some different foods. Lock them in a particular place in your home.

How to help your cat lose weight naturally7

Serve food individually: If you have some other pet animals in your home, serve the foods individually. Actually cat will always love to taste different types of food. Sometimes foods of other animals may harm your cat and put on extra weight.

How to help your cat lose weight naturally8

Besides trying the above steps you should visit regularly to the veterinary doctors for different types of suggestions related to your cat’s health. Remember sometimes cat gets extra weight due to some diseases. So be sure about that you pet cat is not suffering from any such diseases. Keep your cat slim always to avoid them from getting deadly diseases like heart problems, diabetes and also arthritis.