10 Most Friendly Cat Breeds in The World

Cats are always great choice as a pet. They are kept in houses commonly all over the world. Due to their shy nature they are widely accepted by the humans. But cats are very curious in nature. They always suffer from curiosity. As other pet animals cat also have some good and bad sides. But, don’t worry as the good sides are more. Each and every individual cat possesses different characteristics. And it mainly differs with the breeds. There are many breeds which loves to stay alone, again some breeds prefers to be loved and are very friendly. Some cat breeds are very friendly with the dogs and family members but some are not. So now you will get to know about some friendly cat breeds around the world.

Most Friendly Cat Breeds in the World:

• Ragdoll: Ragdoll is a very intelligent blue eyed cat breed. They learn very quickly from the dogs and always copy the styles of a puppy. It looks very amazing when they act like a dog. And they grow very big in size relatively. A male ragdoll may weigh about 15lbs.

most friendly cat breeds1

• Birman: It is a very playful cat breed. Generally they make a tough bond with their owners and always love the company of an owner. This cat breed has a great personality which they maintain. They are quiet intelligent and caring also.

most friendly cat breeds2

• Abyssinian: They are very intelligent and loyal towards the owner. Abyssinians are great swimmers and they love to stay in water. They possess a smart characteristics and outstanding looks. The price of an Abyssinian is pretty much high than the other cat breeds.

most friendly cat breeds3

• Maine Coon: Maine coon is a long, thick fur coated cat breed. They are said to be very intelligent and loves to make fun with their owners. They are also very good rat catchers.

most friendly cat breeds4

• Somali: Somali is a very interesting cat breed. They love the company of human but only of them whom they love. They always love to be at the centre of attention. They can play with anyone maybe it’s a dog, a human or another adult cat.

most friendly cat breeds5

• Manx: It is a sporting cat breed. They are very good athletes and can jump around from any heights. The main feature is that Manx is probably the only cat breed which doesn’t have tail. But some Manx have short tails. They are very smart and love to keep their body fit always. Manx loves to stay with their owner and spend a lot of time with them.

most friendly cat breeds6

• Burmese: Burmese is one of the most fascinated breeds around the world. Actually there are two types of Burmese American Burmese and British Burmese. Burmese gather a lot of love as they maintain a great bond with their owners. And the funny part is that they try to adore all the human activities.

most friendly cat breeds7

• Shorthair: It is a Persian cat breed. Actually because of their short fur coat they are known as shorthair. They are very loyal, loving and dedicated to the owners. As they have very short hair all over their body it is very easy to maintain them.

most friendly cat breeds8

• Persian: Persians cats are very loyal and affectionate towards their owners and family members. The most aristocratic cat breed and gorgeous looking makes them one of the most fascinated cat breed around the world.

most friendly cat breeds9

• Chantilly: Chantilly is a lovely looking cat breed but slightly coward in nature. They are not so active or so lazy. They possess an amazing characteristic. Some people call this breed as Tiffany. They create amazing bond with their owners and the people they love. But may even run out by getting feared about the strangers.

most friendly cat breeds10