Tips to keep and care for Pet Ducks

If you are a little different in matters of pets and looking forward to raise ducks at your home, this the right place you have come to. Actually all the people are not common in their choice with other people like petting dogs, cat, and fishes at home.

Some people really have a rare choice in this case. But it’s a great idea to have ducks at your home as a pet. But for that you need to know about some tips which will be really helpful to you. Ducks are actually very calm creature but needs physical, behavioral and social needs in the house where they are kept.

They are mainly famous for their water related behaviors and needs water all the time. Apart from all these they are also very intelligent and curious animals that need a bit of sufficient place in the house. Here look at the discussion below about various necessities of ducks.

Tips to Keep and Care for Pet Ducks:

Garden: First of all you should know that apart from water duck also loves greeneries. They always roam about in the gardens to look for worms and grubs under the plants.

Side by side they also love to eat fresh grass from the garden. But remember if you are growing any vegetable on your garden, fence them apart otherwise ducks will eat everything there.

Otherwise they do not dig mud but may dig small holes in the wet mud with their bills for searching worms under the mud. Release your ducks to your garden whenever you are spending your time with the plants, they will have a wonderful time there.

Tips to Keep and Care for your Pet Ducks 1

Water: Do you know that a duck almost drink a litre of water every day? They can’t live without water; in fact to keep their eyes, bills, feet and feathers in a good condition, they will need water all the time. It is the most essential thing for them. The water reserve should be deep enough so that they can put their whole head inside water and wash their full body. It should be also noticed that the ducks can come out of the water container easily whenever they want. They mostly like the pools where they can climb and splash so the kid’s pool is the better option for small ducks. Don’t use old bath tubs because those are not ideal for the ducks because of its slippery nature. So there is a chance of getting water logged and drowning even though they are good swimmers.

Tips to Keep and Care for your Pet Ducks 2

Housing: First of all they should be kept in a secured place at home as they have high risk of getting thrashed by the predators. Especially when you are not at home, keep them in a secured and locked place. This secured place should be covered by net from all sides and at should have enough space for each ducks to move around. Their secured housing should not be placed in direct sunlight and will need good air ventilation. Ducks are not at all used to heat and can even die with excessive heat. The housing should be cleaned all the time as ducks poo a lot. It’s a good idea to soften the floor with rake of rice hulls. As they have a very soft feet, bare concrete floor is not good for them. Inside their house, make a private place with a cardboard where they will lay their eggs. And while providing their food, make sure the food container is covered so that it doesn’t get wet. Keep the food container and the water container at least in a distance as they will dribble water in their food. Out the water container in an area where the drainage system is well.

Tips to Keep and Care for your Pet Ducks 3

Health Care: To keep them healthy and robust, they should be kept clean and fed with good food. If they are swimming regularly in water they will have a less chance of suffering from intestinal worms or mites.

But still the ducks should be wormed after every 6 months. For that purpose it’s better to discuss with a veterinarian about worming. According to their nature, ducks are a bit clumsy and have a habit of tripping over various things.

As a result they have a high chance of developing foot ulcers. If such occurs immediately consult with a vet doctor. Never feed them with mouldy foods as this can cause respiratory diseases and sudden toxic reactions. Keep their water clean and change it regularly with fresh water. But these ducks have a habit of turning their water in few minutes.

Tips to Keep and Care for your Pet Ducks 4

So now you almost got an outline idea about what to do with your ducks if you are bringing them home as your pets. Remember these ducks are very beautiful animals and will never disturb you on your way. Have a nice time with your ducks and care for them a lot.