Surviving the First Night with New Puppy

Animals are almost same like humans on the part of their feelings. Actually they also have tough feelings towards their family and its members. The most important part is that they always love the comfort of their family and never wants separation. Especially dogs are very sensitive in this matter. When we bring a new puppy in our home as pets, we have to keep in mind about all these things and behave in a specific manner with these creatures. Remember when you are bringing a puppy to your home you are separating them from their family and as a result they will go through some grief. It will take some time to get friendly and create a bond with a new family and surroundings. So behaving with a puppy after bringing them to your home should be quite a bit different. Here you will know about the procedures from your side.

First Night with New Puppy

Actually after bringing a new pet in our home, we feel very excited towards them. Result of these excitement leads to some awkward situations. So after bringing them to your home, the first thing you should arrange is their living space. Arranging a good space in your home is really a challenging job. We will suggest you to make a space at first in your own bedroom. This will increase a sense of security on their part. After coming to a new place they will feel secured if they stay with you at night. But remember don’t take your pup with you in bed. They will feel irritated with this action and also if you make a habit of sleeping your dog with you, in future it may lead to some behavioral problems if you decide to keep them away from you at night. So its better you arrange for a comfortable space for your dog at one side of your bedroom.

Surviving the First Night with your puppy1

Using Crate: We always say that using a crate, for their living purpose, is the best option. Arrange for a crate and place it in your bedroom. This is the best idea as your puppy can hear you sleeping. Another major fact that you should know is puppies are likely to urinate in the same place where they sleep. So be cautious about this matter. Try to take your dog for a walk before sleeping and make a habit of urinating outside the home. Let them relieve themselves before going to sleep. By this way you can avoid them from urinating in bed. At first when you will put your puppy in to a crate he will start whining as they will feel uncomfortable. Don’t pay much attention to those whines, as they will learn that by whining they will get your attention easily.

Surviving the First Night with your puppy2

When Nature Calls: If they whines excessively then go near the crate pick them up in your lap and say ‘Now go to sleep’ and again put them into crate. Repeat this for several days and after that they will start obeying you and will start listening to your commands. Next morning take them out to relieve him. You should plan for a regular walkout with your puppy as this should become a habit. Keep in mind that dogs relieve themselves in installments, several times before they finish the outing. So you have to keep them out still the relieving process is not completed. Praise your dog regularly after they finish urinating.

Surviving the First Night with your puppy3

Actually the process should be like that you are treating them like a part of your own family and they should understand that. You are caring them like your own baby and start training them slowly from very early age. Time to time they will start bonding with you and your family and will grow to become a good, loyal and affectionate dog in future.