Top 5 Pet Accessories Your New Pup Will Love

Bringing home a new puppy can feel like the start of a new and exciting adventure. A puppy can become a loyal and trusted friend that is an integral part of the family. However, just like babies, they come with a long list of essential accessories when you first welcome them into your home.

All animals have a range of specific needs and life will be much easier if you’re well prepared for them. So, how can you prepare for the arrival of your new puppy? Take a look at these must-have animal accessories.

1 Dog Bed

Before bringing your new puppy home, decide on where he will sleep. Will he have a comfy dog bed in the living room? Will you crate him at night? Perhaps you’ll allow your puppy to snuggle up on the sofa while you’re in bed.

Wherever you decide to put your dog at night, it’s important to start from day one and stick to it. It may not be easy at first if your puppy wants your company but some simple dog training methods could help.

2 Dog Harness

You may not be walking your puppy for long distances at first but it’s vital to get a well-fitted dog harness. In addition to or separate to collars, dog harnesses can ensure your dog’s safety. If your puppy is still learning commands or is easily triggered by the sight of other dogs or birds, he could easily slip out of a collar to get to his target.

Harnesses are the best option for gaining control of your dog and walking with ease. Look here for some great examples.

3 Dog Jumper

If you live in cold temperatures during the winter, you may notice your dog shaking or wanting to be near blankets and fires more often. If you’re walking your dog regularly during this time, you may want to invest in some winter wear for him. You can purchase dog raincoats, jumpers and even booties to keep your dog’s paws warm in the snow.

4 Chew Toys

When you bring a new puppy home, you’ll probably notice that he nips or wants to chew on things. Young puppies go through a stage of teething where they want to gnaw and bite. You can discourage bad behavior by giving him toys that he can gnaw on and play with to distract him from any pain.

5 A Vet

Your puppy must have a vet as soon as he comes home with you. Your vet will be able to keep him up to date with vaccinations and regular check-ups. As a pet parent, you also have someone to call in the event of an emergency with your dog.

Animal Accessories for Every Need

Whatever problem presents itself, you can guarantee there are animal accessories that give you the solution. No matter how prepared you are, remember that taking a puppy home involves responsibility and commitment.

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