10 Tips for Managing a Multi-Dog Household

Keeping one or more dogs in a household seems very tough but it can be tackled in specific way. Here we are going to discuss about these steps to manage one or more dogs in a single household. If you already own two or three dogs and planning an own one more then you should also know the art to manage all of them. Actually to maintain peace and canine happiness you have to look after this matter of canine management. Sometimes it becomes little tough because of different breeds but mostly it can be tackled in a systematic manner and now you are going to learn the art of managing several canines.

Tips for Managing a Multi-Dog Household

1. If you can manage feeding and training then go for it: Actually if you don’t have any hesitation and you also have the ability to own two dogs in a home then you can easily go for it. Actually there are some advantages of having more than one dog in a household. The dogs can entertain each other and can also develop a great bond between them.

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2. Know what to expect when dogs meet each other for the first time: When two dogs meet each other the first thing you will notice is rear end sniffing or nose to nose sniffing or some specific posturing. Sometimes verbal clues between them are also noticed like barking, whimpering and whines. But they can be slowly socialized by some training. At first you may also notice some aggressive attitudes in them. If so try to keep them apart. And mainly you should stay positive all the time as animals pick up negative emotions very quickly.

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3. Maintain dominance: Don’t let the dogs dominate you instead you will have to dominate your dogs. Teach you dogs about obedience. If the first dog is already trained then train the second one in the same way. If this is not done, they will start fighting with each other. Be very strict while training them and also try to remain their boss all the time. Continue till they are not obeying you.

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4. Know the signs of aggression: Make a lot of research on your dog breed and body language. This will help you to know the signs of all their feelings. It may be possible that when they are together they might show some aggressiveness at first. So you should be careful about that.

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5. Split your attention: This step is very important in the training process. Actually dogs feel jealous when they see that the other dog is getting some special attention. So you should manage to give equal time to each and every one of them. Never give special attention to a single one this may lead to ferocious situations. Actually, when a new canine member comes to our family we start taking special care of them. But this is not right you should pay same attention to all of them.

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6. Introduce two dogs before home the new one: Before the bringing the new dog at home, introduce them in some place. If they show sign of friendship then its quiet good for you otherwise if the meeting results in aggressiveness then you will have to work hard to train both of them. But if the aggression continues for a long time then you will have to look for some other ways to solve it.

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7. Let both the dogs spend time together when they are alone: Leaving both the dogs together alone is a good idea to develop their bonding but it shouldn’t be done at the beginning. At first when you are out of home keep them in a separate place so that they can’t meet each other. Slowly when you will notice that the bond between two of them is increasing in front of you then you can try out keeping them in a same place when they are alone.

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8. Feed the Dogs in separate bowls: You should be careful that feeding your dog doesn’t get converted into a fight. Don’t ever give them food in a single container. A dog never prefers to share food with each other. So it’s better to feed them in a separate bowl or even best if you provide them food in a separate room or place.

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9. Arrange for a separate sleeping area: Like foods, sleeping area or bed should also be separated for dogs. Actually like us dogs also feel irritated if they don’t have sound sleep. So you should make a separate sleeping arrangement for all your dogs and most importantly you will have to make them clear which bed belongs to whom.

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10. Have Fun: Always try to have fun with all your canines in the household. You should know that canines get reflected by your negativity. Never express your negativity to them. Instead always have fun and keep yourself positive in front of them. Play with them regularly and keep some time daily which you spend with each one of them. You can also go for a regular workout with them that will keep both you and your dogs healthy.

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