Understanding Cat Body Language: 10 Sign Guides for You

Never ever forget how disastrously you fought with your parents to add a four-legged buddy to your family! Yes; it may be your first time with your feline chum but with these 10 signs for Understanding Cat Body Language will make you a master at handling the cat. So many questions to blow your mind and parent wishing more to throw that creature out will make it bad! “Does your cat wanna pee and poop?” or “Is your cat hungry?” or “Is she happy being with you?” and so on and so forth! Exhausted already? Read and be the decoder of your cat’s cute gestures.

Understanding Cat Body Language

“Everything’s Normal”

If your cat is lying with her face neatly placed between the paws looking at you people around. Don’t create any misconceptions about her mood if you find your cat’s eyes blinking slowly, it maybe her resting time.
Ears; notice them to find if they are resting properly as well. The ear should be available for you to spin or flip or rotate, as you like. Ha-ha! Cats won’t mind! If you think of making an indoor cat house which will give them a great comfort and if they like it, you are really lucky.

“Attention… Look at Me”

If you notice your cat’s tail on the same level with the back and a bit curled at the end, then he wants attention. Cat could then come himself against you to seek more pet and intimacy. Purring softly also one of their best gestures. How feeling and shamelessly they roll down to expose their stomach, isn’t it? It is the time when you must remember that petting on their stomach is annoying expression for them. They don’t like their bellies being rubbed.

“Anxiety Turned ON!”

Dilated and widened eye set with pupil in the center targeting at the quick route outside the unfavorable conditions means they are anxious. Ears moved forwards to carefully listen sounds and grab information about the situation around; their whiskers stretching outwards and their tail moving very slowing at the tip on either sides of the body are the major signs for Understanding Cat Body Language while anxious.

“Poof, That’s My Prey”

They are really focused at times, certainly a bit more when they aim at their prey. Now how to understand that?
Narrow pupil in the expatiated eyes, body smartly inclined as per the prey’s position and the whiskers moved forward briskly and stretching the skin out are the most common gestures while a cat catches her preys.
Though, they are not a big hunter when the prey is that yummy thing in your hand! They will gently rub themselves against you with tail waging in the air.

“Happy I am”

Do you find your cat listening to all that you people are talking in the family sitting calmly giving ears to everyone? Their legs spreading outwards while lying just like that or their hands guarding the face placed between them is another position for Understanding Cat Body Language expressing happiness. Give them a hint and they will start playing and cuddling with you instantly.


Fearful is the next situation where you have to understand your kitty and make her calm down before she goes mad. Ears flat-lined outwards the face and or completely erect at times. Stiffening whiskers and widened eyes with pupil looking really scary will define your scare. Yes, role of snarling begins here when something excessively scares them up. Tail would, either be shaking very forcefully and fastly or it would be hidden under the body would also describe their frightened emotion. Here you will find a collection of pictures of cute silver tabby kittens that will take away all your attraction.

“Stop Frustrating Me”

Two things happen when cats don’t get what they want; either they move on and be happy again or long-term frustration results in frustration in which case you have to consult the veteran.
The expression gestures are the same but what makes you understand that it is not their anxiety or focus but they are feeling frustration are their eyes.
Empty feeling eyes will pass on the emotion you will stare at them and you will know that its frustration.

“I am Angry so Don’t Talk to Me”

Cats are bad when it comes to their anger. You have to tread and make them calm down very carefully. No touching gestures please since they may interpret touching gestures as a tough scold by you as well. And no one really wanna say what happens when a cat goes mad. No instant moves or shouting or staring at them may calm them down soon. Leaving them alone for some time may also make them feel okay and part of a family.

“Feeling Thankful and Relieved”

Full body stretching is often misinterpreted as the tiredness that cats might be feeling. But it is more often their way to show that they are feeling thankful and relieved. Yawning and eyes giving a drowsy look and they massaging their face with paws are all conveying all about how good they are feeling.

“I wanna Poop and Pee”

Now this is a question that needs to be answered and save you from cleaning the room every time your kitty poops there! Please notice if you don’t find your cat not in a mood to play and neither are they angry and neither are they depressed but your smallest move towards their bathroom makes their life the best. If its so, it is their time to poop and unload themselves! Wink!

They don’t have language plausible by human beings, you know? And it is gonna feel really bad if you don’t understand that your cat is feeling threatened and you need to console her. Their ears’ flapping and tails wagging and whisker’s twitching and way of breathing are the gesticulations that you have to notice all the time and understand your cat’s emotions. You are all they have.