10 Great Ideas of Indoor Cat House

If you have a pet cat, you will know that cats are very hard to impress. Actually, dogs are much more dependant on the owners but cats will do whatever they like and will go wherever they want to go. So don’t even try to change their preferences. Cats are independent creatures and they love to stay independent. But as you love your cat, you can think of making an indoor cat house which will give them a great comfort and if they like it, you are really lucky.

Great Ideas of Indoor Cat House:


cat cave

If you’re in the mood to online shop rather than get creative, you couldn’t do much better than a gorgeous wool cat cave from innovative brand, Feltcave. These cozy cat caves come in a beautiful rainbow of colours, and help cats regulate their body temperature, keep warm and conserve energy. Their cat beds are natural, eco-friendly and organic, and from the reviews on their website – people (and cats) are going mad for them!

Cardboard Cat House:

indoor cat house

So you don’t have a big budget to buy a cat house or cat cave, but you have a lot of crafting skill? This project is the right one for you. you will just need some pieces of cardboards to make this cone shaped beautiful cat house. This will help your cat to look more stylish.

Cat Bookshelf and House:

indoor cat house

Is it hard to find a place in your small apartment which you can dedicate to the cat house? Don’t feel negative as we are here with an amazing idea. Using a part of your wall will not affect your indoor space. You can have a look at this tutorial which will even help you to store your books.

Mini Bedroom for Cat:

indoor cat house

So this is the most luxurious one. As you have your own bedroom where you rest all the time, have you ever thought that your cat may also have the same demand? This is a great idea to create a separate space for the pet cat in your home. This time we are really sure that your pet will love it.

Disguised Cat House Side Table:

indoor cat house

Time to be a little trendy and intelligent. Make out a similar side table that you can use beside your sofa and even you can use it as a indoor cat house. Isn’t it a looks very modern and trendy? Yes a great indoor furniture by itself and again you don’t need an extra space to dedicate for a cat house.

Cat Tipi House:

indoor cat house

Do you know what teepee is? Yeah! we should tell you that Tipi is a cone-shaped tent which is actually made up of animal skins which are deeply associated with the culture of Native Americans. But in this case you will be making a Tipi tent for your cat but with a cardboard.

Cat Cabinet:

indoor cat house

Turn up an old cabinet in your house into a cat cabinet which can easily serve as an indoor cat house also. You can even keep it in your bedroom or a drawing room with some amazing showpiece above it. It’s not going to effect your interior decoration.

Log House:

indoor cat house

If you have a log like this left on your back lawns, you can use it for this purpose creatively rather than using it on the fire. This is a beautiful looking log house for your cat which is going to be very adventurous for them. A great project for the rustic look lovers.

Cat Cottage Triplex:

indoor cat house

A very good idea for the multiple cat owners. This is an amazing cat triplex which you can place both indoors and outdoors. A complete woodwork project and great place to hang up for the cats. It can house about three to six cats at a time and you will be the lucky one to get their thumbs up.

Cat Cabin:

indoor cat house

Here’s a great chance to be creative for your cat. Even you can say it as a cat play house and it looks really like a house. This is the perfect one for most small cats and it looks amazing in your indoors. So it seems that cardboards are very useful. It’s a must try of you think yourself a creative guy.

So it’s time to make a house inside your house and that also for your cat. Choose the one fit for your cat and your interior and just without wasting any more time, go with these indoor cat house ideas. Your cat is going to feel really special this time. May be their dream is going to come true.