How to Say Sorry to your Dog: Some Tips

Like we humans expect sorry, dogs also expect it from us. Maybe they don’t understand English or neither can speak that, but they do have a language to speak with us. Being an owner, we will have to understand that first. We keep pets because we love them and it is our duty to take care of whom you love. Maybe you have done something that offended your dog, but it’s your duty to earn their forgiveness. But how can you do that? Learn about some steps to say sorry to your dog.

How to Say Sorry to your Dog: Some Tips:

Good Timing: Timing always matters. Everything in this world should be done with proper timing. If you can see that your dog is angry with you, take some time. Don’t rush to apologize. Let the environment be cool and calm and it takes a time to happen. There are many ways by which you can tell them sorry. You can prepare a small treat and put it in a place in your home where your dog can reach. By getting that, your dog will feel that you are sorry for the incident that happened.

Determine the Offense: First you will have to determine what did you do. Did you make fun of your pet? Did you hurt her? What’s the wrong you have done? Yes, you will have to know that first as your dog can’t tell you about that. The next step to say sorry always depends on what you have done. So it is very important.

how to say sorry to your dog 2

Ways to say Sorry: You know your dog very well and now as you have determined your offense, you will have to look for the best way to tell them sorry. Every offense has its different way of telling sorry. For example, if you have hurt your dog, you will have to cuddle them to show your love. Again, if you have made fun out of your dog, you will have to give them a good treat. So you will have to think about the best way to say sorry.

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Walk Slowly to her: As we have said earlier, don’t be in a rush as it can lead to a mess. Do everything slowly with patience. First of all take some time, then walk to them slowly and try to talk with them. If your dog is moving far from you, leave and wait for some more time as she is still not ready to listen to you. Try the same thing again after few minutes, maybe again the same thing will happen, don’t lose your hope, the third time they will not show annoying behavior.

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Notice the Behavior: Now if you see that your dog is sitting and listening to you, that means you got the passport to their heart again. You will have to know the way to melt them again. Talk with them slowly in a soft voice. Though she will not understand what you are saying, but she will notice your voice and the way you are behaving. So don’t speak loud even if that’s your way of talking.

how to say sorry to your dog 5

Take them Close: It’s time to take them close and give your touch. Yes, they need it now. Touch their favorite spots and scratch slowly to give them some comfort. But this is the first time you will be touching her. Don’t touch before and now slowly try to take them closer, let them feel your warmth.

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Play with your Pet: Now the best idea to be closer is by playing with them. Let them feel that you are ready to play with them. You know the game that your dog loves to play with you. So that’s the one you should choose.

Give them some Attention: You know very well that dogs will always need your attraction. That’s the only thing they want from you. Spend time with them for the next few days. They will just feel that you care for them.

how to say sorry to your dog 8

Praise and compliment: Lastly, you should praise your dog for every good activity they do. Yes, you should give them compliments, but not in words as they can’t understand it. You will have to give them small treats and cuddles.

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So follow these ways step by step to say sorry to your dog and you will be getting what you want. But remember you can always expect a good behavior from your pet only when you have trained them well. So it is very important to train your dog properly from their young age. If your pet is a nicely trained dog, you will never face any problem in your home. You should go through all the duties and responsibilities that you have towards your pet and in return, you will always be showered with love from them.