What Does A Dog Need To Live A Long Healthy Life?

Even a thousand lifetimes won’t be enough time with your dog. It seems as if they grow from bouncing puppies to seniors that require your constant attention in the blink of an eye. Typically, dogs live around 10 to 14 years on average. However, not many people know that dogs and humans are alike. This means that the healthy things you do to live a better and longer life are applicable to your dog as well.

Build a Healthy Exercise Regime

Your dogs are just as active as you, and the chances are that if you like laying around in the house, your puppy will cuddle up next to you. Your pet’s fitness can have considerable benefits in lengthening their lifespan. Not only is it an excellent way to manage weight, but it is also thought to produce anti-aging effects.

Take your dog out for plenty of walks, plan a meet-up with your friends to organize dog playdates, and take them to the local park to play fetch. It will help your dog stay active and allow the two of you to bond.

Monitor Their Diet

One of the key factors that can increase your dog’s lifespan is carefully monitoring their diet. A study conducted by Purina over a span of 14 years concluded that a restricted diet to maintain ideal body weight could increase your canine’s life by up to 2 years! It can be challenging to find the perfect diet, but considering the fact that your dog will jump at the opportunity to try out your steak, investing in a dog formula with roasted fowl may be worth it. The proteins will not cause any unnecessary stress in the digestive system, and the taste will have your dog craving for more. Good nutrition is the key to healthy aging!

Teach Your Dog New Tricks

Physical aging is not your dog’s only enemy, and you should also focus on keeping their minds active. While many believe only younger puppies can learn new tricks, this cannot be further from the truth. Senior dogs love playing around with puzzles just as much, even if their physical activity is limited. 

The scent work technique is used by military or police K-9 dogs, but it is just as fun for the dogs that love staying indoors. Even though hydrotherapy is considered an exercise, most dogs love doing it. Swimming is an excellent option for canines that cannot practice regular exercises.

Always Visit the Vet on Time

The vet is your dog’s best friend, and even though you may feel a little betrayed right now, it is for the collective good of both of you. The modern and advanced techniques used by vets today can allow them to tackle or entirely prevent your dog’s health concerns in time. Building a good relationship with your vet is crucial as they can design custom treatment plans and thoroughly discuss your dog’s health.

The sad truth about being a dog owner is that you will likely outlive them. While you can take all the necessary steps to extend their life, there must come a time when you will have to say goodbye. Your time together is precious, and only with proper care, a healthy diet, and regular vet visits will you be able to give your dog a few extra years.