How to Slim Down your Overweight Dog

Obesity in animals is a very common disease nowadays. Overweight or obesity is mostly spotted in the pet animals. Actually this leads to a very frustrating life for your pet. You will always miss the playful and exciting nature of your pet. Instead of that your pet will suffer from lethargy.

If you have a pet at your home, you should know that the main cause for obesity in your pet is you. Yes owner is always the main guilty for the pets overweight. We will discuss mainly about the remedial measures for obesity in dogs.

Don’t forget Obesity is the first stage of various critical diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart attack, fatigue and many more. Surely you don’t want your pet dog to suffer from these deadly diseases. So what are you waiting for? Read the full article and start the remedial measures to save your lovely dog.

Ways to Slim Down Your Overweight Dog:

Signs of an overweight dog:

First of all you have to get the signs of an overweight dog.

This is very essential to start the remedial process. There are some processes through which you can be sure that your pet is catching a lot of fat. It’s not so hard. Start with a ‘Rib’ test or process number one, keep your hands around the ribs of your dog.

If you can feel the ribs clearly then it’s okay otherwise if you feel some fats above the ribs you should be aware that your dog is carrying extra weight. Now come to the second process that is the ‘Profile Check’. Carefully look at your dog from the side while he or she is standing.

If you notice a cylindrical shaped abdomen then you should be sure that your dog is overweight because the dogs always carries tucked abdomen.

After this shift to the third process that is ‘Overhead Check’, look your dog from upward direction you will notice that the whole body will be shaped like an hour glass if it is not then your dog is surely suffering from Obesity.

Mostly the dogs put fats on their back. Also you should regularly take the weight of your dog and set an absolute goal to reach.

How to slim down your overweight dog1


You know that an over weighted or obese dog will always show some different natures.

You will notice that your dog is behaving slightly different from other dogs. They will be very lazy in nature, most of the time sleeping or lying down on the floor. Most of the time they will get tired and will suffocate just after doing a little work.

You will also notice that you dog will be unable to climb stairs or jump from a height because of the extra grown body fats. All these will result in a frustrating situation for both your dog and you. So be careful and notice the nature of your dog always.

How to slim down your overweight dog2


The most important thing you should be careful about. Actually foods are regarded as one of the major cause for over weight in animals.

So always try to consult with a veterinarian about the food your dog should always eat, whether that’s the best raw dog food, or homemade dog food so you know exactly what’s in it. Don’t change the type of foods frequently.

This is very harmful for dogs. So always maintain a regular food.

According to veterinary experts the foods should be changed 5 times in the whole life span of a dog. This is changed according to their age and health conditions.

And the veterinarians always will suggest the suitable food for your dog relating to their size, weight and various body structures. So don’t take it in your hand until and unless you are an expert.

How to slim down your overweight dog3


Be careful that your dog doesn’t get too much treats. This will be very harmful for them. Actually some foods seem very tasty for your dogs but contain a lot of calorie.

And for that the unused calories in your pet’s body will result in extra fat. Actually you should consult with a vet doctor to know the calorie amount your dog needs every day.

Try to give treats maintain the suggested calorie level. Extra calories are very harmful and not only fat it can lead to various chronic diseases like diabetes, pancreas etc.

How to slim down your overweight dog4


You should always help your dog to do some regular exercises. This keeps their body fit and away from various diseases. If your dog is very fat then start with a short session. And slowly increase the exercising time.

Make a routine timing for exercise because you have to keep in mind that your dog should remain busy all the time. Take your dog for a walk in roads because walking is the best exercise. You will see that this regular workout will keep your dog away from growing extra fats.

How to slim down your overweight dog5

You will surely get good results performing the above measures.

But be sure that your dog is getting extra fat only due to over eating or other bad food habits. Then only the above processes will work. Sometimes this innocent animal gets over weight due to thyroids.

In such case you should always consult to vet doctor. And don’t give medicinal remedies on your own. This can lead your dog to death. So, lead a very happy and prosperous life with your loved pet.