Which Dog Breeds are the Easiest to Train?

Becoming a dog parent involves a roller coaster of emotions! The most essential part is the training of our adorable companions. Remember, training helps your dog to get acquainted with its new surroundings and also maintain a gesture that is friendly, adaptable, and healthy. On that note, let’s take a glance at some of the dog breeds that make dog training a lot easier for their owners.

1. Border collie

Selective Focus Photography of Adult Black and White Border Collie

Border collies are as cute and adorable they look and as squishy they appear to be. They stand out as one of the most intelligent breeds of dog to be considered as a pet.

They have always been termed as fast learners and are continuously on the journey of analyzing and judging situations. Border Collies are termed to be “workaholics” amongst the other dog breeds.

Training them can be a tough task for their masters. They are hyperactive souls who tend to develop destructive behavior, if not trained at a quick pace. In such cases, your adorable friend might turn into a little monster within the click of a second.  Hence the training of physical and mental stimulation is a must for this cute breed.

2. Poodle

This furry breed is considered to be the second most intelligent and gullible pet. This breed may seem little but has the capability of defeating pets twice their size. They are a breed that is full of zeal and enthusiasm and the real trick is to control their unbound energy. Being the fast learners they can learn any command with less than 5 repetitions. 

These dogs are required to be taken on walks regularly in order to help them to channelize their agility. Though you need to train a poodle almost at everything, they happen to be quite quick learners. 

3. Miniature Schnauzer

These cute little buddies are very easy to train. Their process of learning and retaining the commands depend upon how the owner trains them. They love being trained in a number of ways instead of following a fixed protocol!

Treats are considered to be the best way to make these puppies obey your commands. Roughly, training involves a method where you teach the doggo to respect the owner, it involves interacting with him in a manner in which he would feel safe and happy.

They must be taught to adapt to various problem-solving behaviors and the ways they react to them. 

4. Labrador retriever

These puppies are naturally social dogs with an amiable nature and can blend with the environment in a good way. It is essential that these dogs are kept in a social environment where they can interact with people. Isolation or seclusion can cause serious psychological issues in your pet.

They need to be kept under a continuous obedience program and they feel good if their good behavior is acknowledged. To keep the doggos healthy, they need to exercise daily in order to maintain their active nature. What’s more? There’s a lot that changes in your dog’s body language while they are trained. This helps you to realize whether they like the training. 

5. German shepherd

Adult German Shepherd Lying on Ground

German Shepherds are naturally active dogs, which were primarily used for police work and other field work. Hence it is very important to understand that these puppies are naturally active. They are dogs who go by command.

They are a naturally obedient breed. There must be a handful of basic commands that need to be taught to the puppy. The commands which are used as catchphrases need to be consistent over a period of time. These phrases would be interpreted by them and followed later. 

Remember these puppies love to have the complete attention of their owners. Thus, the greater time and attention you provide, the faster will be their process of learning.

Reason for the training

Being a dog parent instills a lot of responsibility and it is as same as raising a human baby. Some people find it even more challenging. Training is important to make your 4 legged friends a part of the family that it has just entered into. It gives the dog a feeling of being included. 

While you ensure that your dog is well-trained, you should also keep in mind its health and safety. As a result, if you are a dedicated pet lover, you should have your pet insured. Pet health insurance policies provide a financial cover for the health of your dog and its medical expenditures.

In conclusion 

Being a dog parent has a separate kind of feeling, a sense of responsibility and for that journey to be smooth training is considered to be an inevitable part. Yet as mentioned earlier training is a highly personalized arena. It all comes to worth when you see the waiting tail embrace you after a long tiring day.