Why is My Dog Not Eating His Food But Will Eat Treats?

Dogs, just like humans, show same character traits and inbuilt behavioral patterns when it comes to food. Much similar to human beings, a dog too, shows varying eating habits. Some dogs are just so much of food lover that they eat what is given without an instant of unwillingness and reluctance whilst some other dogs are too picky and choosy when it comes to food (just like my dog). Dogs turning their noses away from the food and walking away could be discerning and worrying for the owners. Here are the reasons Why is My Dog Not Eating His Food But Will Eat Treats that I experienced and realized and how to cope up with this very issue that you, too, must read. Here are some most intelligent dog breeds, you will have to know about them. Though most of the owners claim that their dog is the smartest one, but it gets proved by the skill. Check them Out!!!

Why is My Dog Not Eating His Food But Will Eat Treats

Why is Dog not eating?

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The very first thing that is pretty obvious and could stop you from searching for reasons any further about Why is My Dog Not Eating His Food But Will Eat Treats. There maybe some health issues that give him pain or suffering when he eats that food. Or maybe his stomach becomes upset or liver urges to avoid the food that causes gastric problems. There could also be problems with his teeth or mouth like a sore throat or ulcers that is forcing him to go on the hunger strike. Make sure you check on these little yet serious factors ASAP with your vet. Talk more about your dog’s habits that were earlier normal and now changed. Seek for the answers regarding the gastrointestinal issues or dental issues or any other issue that might be harassing him forcing to neglect food.

Is there anything Else That He might Love Eating?

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In most of the similar dog cases, it is observed that the canine breed doesn’t wish the dog food to be eaten but shows due interest in human food and treats. Does your dog happen to show interest in the food that you eat too? Notice if his large tongue is dripping liquid out of urges to eat the yummy treats and if he has his tail wagging. If yes, then your dog is either playing smart with you for eating more of those yum treats. If there would be any problem with his body or if he was suffering some disease, he won’t be able to eat the delicacies either.

Stop him from Eating Human Food!

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Feeding your dog

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from above the table the delicious food that you eat or sharing everything you eat with them is pushing their stomach to “want to” feed on that stuff only. Incorporating bad habit is just the result of your deeds and behavior that you developed over the time. In order to deal with this situation and make your dog eat his food, you have to be strong and strategic. First of all, stop sharing with him anything you are eating while you are eating. This is about being strong. Here are some tips to teach your dog commands.

Being strategic

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will require you to mix the dog food with yummy treats that he loves and he will certainly eat that. Now, that he is familiar with the new kind of food you are giving, slowly and steadily reduce the quantity of other food until you are just giving him his food to eat or hardly adding any treat to the dry dog food.

Introducing meat in

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his food is surely a healthy idea for your dog. Make sure you choose the meat product where meat is listed on the top of the ingredients. And ignoring the food treats that have corn listed at the top of ingredients since the canine breeds don’t really digest it properly.

Warming the food

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is another measure you can take into consideration when you start to wonder why is My Dog Not Eating His Food But Will Eat Treats. Warming the same would intensify the smell and make it smell tastier that will draw your dog to eat it instantly.

Making his mealtime

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fun and most awaited time of the day is how you will easily be able to make him eat his food. Exercise to build appetite is what you must go for by taking him out for a walk or making the exercising more fun by playing with him.

Try to play with

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him before you serve him food. Pat his back when he does a certain tough or catches a ball right in his mouth without letting it fall on the ground. And as a reward then, give him food to eat. This will somehow make him love to eat since he gets to play before then!

Dogs are just like kids ‘cause neither could they tell you if there is something inside of them causing them trouble nor do themselves something about it. They will act accordingly to make you understand and take measure to help them feel okey-dokey. Why is My Dog Not Eating His Food But Will Eat Treats gave me these many reasons to find and actions to take in order to set things right.