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24 Weird Looking Animals That Will Make You Gasp

Girarffe Weevil: The name of this insect is due to the way its neck extends. It is a native of Madagascar and is considered the longest weevil in the world.

7Girarffe Weevil

Tapir: Looks like a cross between a anteater and pig, and can be found in the forests of Central and South America. They are actually quite closely related to horses.


Slender Loris: It is primate that is nocturnal and is a native of Sri Lanka and India. They mainly live on vegetation and insects and have a life of around 12-15 years.

9Slender Loris

Monkfish: Belonging to the Northwestern Atlantic Ocean this is a fish that belongs to the angel shark family. Though normally not eaten they feature in the menus of Valencia and Spain.

Monkfish on ice, close-up

Sea Pig: This is the basically the ocean of what the slug is on land by scavenging the floor of the ocean. They use their tube feet to move and their tentacles to feed themselves with food

11Sea Pig

Stick Bug (or Stick Insect): These literally look like sticks enabling them to hide well in the forests.