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24 Weird Looking Animals That Will Make You Gasp

Leafy Sea Dragon: A native of the western coast of Australia the leafy outgrowths give it the name. These creatures are valued as pets and also have medicinal uses.

19Leafy Sea Dragon

Blobfish: Belonging to the deeper waters of Tasmania and Australia these creatures have a mass density that is a bit lower than water allowing them to swim without using much energy.


Rosey Lipped Batfish: These are found in the waters of Costa Rica and are really poor at swimming though they are fish. They are identified by the lip color and have odd looking fins that they use like legs to walk on the floor of the ocean.

21Rosey Lipped Batfish

Mantis Shrimp: These bright and huge creatures live under water and hide among the corals. Besides their strong claws the thing that makes them unusual are their eyes.

22Mantis Shrimp

The Star Nosed Mole: You can find these on the USA Eastern Seaboard and some on the southeastern parts of Canada. It is blind and smaller than the normal mole.

23The Star Nosed Mole

Camel Spider: These live in desert areas and tend to eat smaller animals, though they are essentially omnivores.

24Camel Spider