24 Weird Looking Animals That Will Make You Gasp

When we talk of Mother Nature, we always sing poetic about the beauty she has wrought and she has, but on the other hand she also managed to create some really weird looking animals, birds and other creatures that will make you literally gasp. So when you are looking at the images below do strengthen your heart against the shock. It is also likely that you will not be able to identify most of them. But here goes the list:

The Red Panda: It can be found in the Southwestern part of China and the Eastern part of Himalayas. It is distantly related to the giant Panda. Though normally subsisting on a diet of Bamboo this creature is an omnivore.

1The Red Panda

The Giant Coconut Crab: Found on the Indo Pacific islands mostly in the forest and coastal areas, this creature is the largest arthropod that is based on land. Their name comes from their ability to climb up coconut trees to clip them off the and then opening them by banging on rocks to eat them.

2The Giant Coconut Crab

Red Velvet Ant: Is actually a wasp and the females doe not have wings and the fact that these creatures are covered in red hair makes them look like an ant

3Red Velvet Ant

Sloth: These really weird looking beings come in many varieties. They have a very slow metabolism due to slow digestion and this makes them really slow.


Aye-aye: This lemur is not only weird looking but is also considered the portent of bad things to come by the natives. Though not harmful to humans these creatures are feared and hated by them due to their reputation.


Geoduck : Is a saltwater clam with a really odd appearance. They have shells that can be up to 15-20 cms in diameter and neck that can be as long 3.5 feet. They are also one of those creatures with a very long life span.