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24 Weird Looking Animals That Will Make You Gasp

Giant Isopod: These are crustaceans which relate them to crabs and shrimps. They live deep within the ocean and can survive for as many as 8 weeks without food if required.

13Giant Isopod

Glass Frog: Though green in color the abdomen side of this frog is transparent. They can found in water bodies like streams and rivers in South and central America.

14Glass Frog

Mata Mata: These are fresh water turtles that can be distinguished by their head which is flattened and large. They can be generally found in South America

15Mata Mata

Giant Weta: These belong to New Zealand and are known as the heaviest insects across the globe.

16Giant Weta

Wrinkle-Faced Bat: You will find this bat in Central and South America and you can identify them by the growths on the skin of their face which makes them look wrinkled.

17Wrinkle-Faced Bat

Leaf Insect: Belonging to the part of Australia and South Asia these insects look amazing like leaves.

18Leaf Insect