15 Amazing Desert Animals

Animals are always related to forests and wild. Whenever we see forests we think of wild animals around. But have you ever gone to a desert? Yes desert makes us remind of only one animal that is Camel. But unfortunately many other animals remain unknown to the humans.

We are not so interested on the animals that live on deserts instead of that we talk more about the animals living on jungles. So, let’s have a look on those animals those who spend their tough life on dry deserts.

Amazing Desert Animals:

1. Caracal: Caracal bears a strong resemblance with a lynx. But they may not be related. Actually this type of animal is mainly found in Africa, some parts of India and Arabian Peninsula. They love to live in dry woodlands and semi desert areas.

Caracal, Felis caracal, Augrabies Falls National Park, N. Cape, South Africa

2. Kangaroo Rat: This type of rat is spotted in North America in the Desert regions of South Western United States and some parts of Mexico. They come out in the night when temperature settles down. Amazingly they have two pouches on both sides of their mouth which can be used for carrying food.

10 Amazing desert Animals2

3. Meerkat: The scientific name of this animal is Suricata suricatta. It is found in the harsh land of Kalahari in Southern Africa. Meerkats always live in a complex underground tunnel system to protect them from predators. They mainly feed themselves on insects, lizards, small rodents and scorpions. It is said that the venom of scorpions develops their immune system.

10 Amazing desert Animals3

4. Spotted Hyena: They are mainly found in Sub-Saharan Africa. They habitat on open savannahs and desert areas. Spotted Hyena mainly feed themselves on gazelle, zebras and wildebeest. They mainly hunt for food remaining on a pack.

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10 Amazing desert Animals4

5. Black Tailed Jack Rabbit: Jack Rabbits are quite different from the rabbits. They live above the ground instead of digging burrows. They are located on the South Western United States and parts of Mexico mostly in the desert areas. They mainly feed themselves on grass, clover, sagebrush, cacti and other plants.

10 Amazing desert Animals5

6. Sonoran Desert Toad: Can you ever imagine a toad in desert? Yes it’s real. Sonoran desert Toad are found in the Arizona, parts of New Mexico and parts of California. They feed on insects, spiders and small mice. They loves to stay underground in the abandoned tunnels of rodents.

10 Amazing desert Animals6

7. Arizona Bark Scorpion: Scorpions are mainly found all over the world but particularly this species is spotted in Arizona, California, parts of Mexico, Utah and Nevada. They live on eating crickets, roaches and other small insects. They are mainly 2 to 3 inches in length hardly but very poisonous.

10 Amazing desert Animals7

8. Black Widow Spider: Black widow Spider is mainly found in the houses and secluded areas such as woodpile to build their web. It s mainly seen in the western part of United States as well as part of Canada and Mexico. They are mainly seen to feed on Flies but may eat centipedes, other spiders and millipedes.

10 Amazing desert Animals8

9. Greater Roadrunner: This bird builds their nest few inches above the ground in trees, cactus and bushes. They manly eat spiders, lizards, snakes, fruits and sometimes rodents. They are found on the areas from Arkansas to California and some parts of Mexico.

10 Amazing desert Animals9

10. Ostrich: Ostriches are quiet common and found in Central, Northern and Southern Africa. They mainly eat seeds, grasses and foliage. Sometimes they also feed on vertebrates and invertebrates.

10 Amazing desert Animals10

11. Lappet Faced Vulture: The Scientific name of this bird is Torgor tracheliotos. It s located in some parts of Eastern and Northern Africa, Southern Africa and some parts of Arabia. As it is a scavenger so it feeds on carcasses of dead animals. And if necessary it can also hunt for live animals. They build their nest on trees n open and desert plain areas.

10 Amazing desert Animals11

12. Cactus Wren: It is a small bird found in various parts of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Southern Nevada, Southern California and Central Mexico. They can easily live without water for a long time and gather water from the insects they eat. They build their nest on Cactus to protect it from Predators. They can hardly grow up to 8 inches.

10 Amazing desert Animals12

13. Sidewinder Rattle Snake: This snake have three sub species which are all found in the various parts of Arizona, Nevada, California, Northern Mexico and Utah. Their diet consists of Kangaroo Rat and Lizards. They uses their Venom to kill the prey. Though they are not so poisonous for humans because of their small size but will need immediate medical treatment.

10 Amazing desert Animals13

14. Texas Banded Gecko: They are mainly found in the Southwestern Texas, some parts of Mexico along the Rio Grande River Valley. They feed on spiders and insects. They can be spotted in rocky crevices and canyons. They hardly grow on an average size of 4-5 inches.

10 Amazing desert Animals14

15. Texas Horned Lizard: This type of amazing lizard can be found on sandy areas and areas with low grass and sparse vegetation. It will be seen in the southwestern United States. They mainly feed themselves on Harvester Ants, grasshoppers and other insects.

10 Amazing desert Animals15

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