10 Amazing Dog Breeds from Mediterranean Countries

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When it comes to dogs, there are many breeds and each region of the world is likely to have a specific breed or many breeds that are indigenous to their area. While we are not saying that a person, who is trying to get a dog to keep as a pet or for other purposes, should stick to breeds from that area, it definitely makes sense. This is so because the dog breed that belongs to a particular area is likely to have physical and temperaments that are suitable to that area. This ensures that the dog is more comfortable and also healthier in the given situation. For instance, a dog that belongs to colder terrain would find it harder to adjust to the warmth of the Mediterranean area and vice versa.

What is more, the dog owner will also not have to make special arrangements to keep the dog in comfort. The dog will enjoy a more natural and active lifestyle without any restrictions and in turn the owner will find it easy to bring up the dog in its own natural environment. If you are thinking of what best Mediterranean dogs would work in the area (that has similar climate or is in that area), then here is a list that would work for you:

Amazing Dog Breeds from Mediterranean Countries

1. Italian Greyhound: This ranks as the smallest among the sight hounds. This breed can be identified by the color and the way the belly is tucked in and the way the head is small on top of a longish neck. In essence, they look like a miniature version of the greyhound.

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2. Maltese: This comes under the category of toy dogs and is also known as the dog of the Roman ladies or the lion dog due to its mane like hair growth. With cute button noses and ears that are falling down along with long silken hair, these dogs are cute and adorable. In spite of the abundant hair, the Maltese does not shed making it ideal for those who have dog allergies.

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3. Serbian Hound: Coming in a combination of colors consisting of red or tan along with black these dogs have short and coarse hair. They are known to be very obedient and pleasant of nature. They are of medium size and they gel well in a family kind of atmosphere as they love to play and walk.

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4. Sarplaninac: Is a large sized Illyrian sheepdog that is quite reliable and independent by nature. The dog due to the type of work for which he is bred is the kind that is of even temperament unless threatened. This breed can be a bit reserved and not so demonstrative but responds very well to training.


5. Neapolitan mastiff: This is a breed of dog that is ancient and is known for being heavy and large. This is a breed of dog that is known to be fiercely protective of its home and people in it. A smart breed that thinks independently, it needs to be trained at an early age about being social.

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6. Tornjak: This is a native sheep dog belonging to Bosnia and Croatia. These are big and strong dogs that have an almost square body with muscles. They have a long and thick coat of hair. Their calm and composed temperament can come across as being indifferent but this is not the case and they can become watchful when the situation demands.

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7. Lagotto Romagnolo: Literally translating to Lake dog of Romagna, a region of Italy, these dogs are wooly and have large eyes. Their colors can vary from brown to a white. Since this is a working dog, their senses are more attuned to movement than sight. If you have children at home then you need to think about your decision to have one of these at home.

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8. Cane Corso: This is big sized dog that is related to the Italian Mastiff. They are tight skinned to a moderate extent and are characterized by the hanging dewlap on the neck as well as the hanging lip. This dog needs a firm hand to be trained and socialized properly so not recommended for amateur dog owners.

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9. Spinone Italiano: Originally bred to be a gun dog, this dog with its close and wiry coat is a loyal one. This dog is very affectionate and easy going making it versatile in as far as using as a companion dog as well as for other purposes. This breed of dog is good with kids too.

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10. Cretan Hounds: A dog breed for hunting from Crete, this dog has good speed as well as agility. These qualities along with a good sense of smell and durability make this dog a very good hunting dog. It can be an affectionate and gentle dog with the family while still being fierce with prey.

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