10 Animals who have Weird Eating Functionality

If humans can be food lovers, animals are also not an exception, instead they have some strange eating functionalities. Yes, if you have a peek into the animal kingdom, there are many animals which are born with weird eating functionalities. So let’s have an idea of it. Do you know that some animals even have the same way of cooking like humans do? Even they have their own food processing techniques. So how you can say they are backdated? No animals are not backdated in their kingdom. There are lot of facts to learn from them. So don’t miss it out.

Animals who have Weird Eating Functionality:

1. Honeybee:

You can’t talk about animal eating habits, leaving the honey bees. You know very well that this is the only insect that produces eating product for the humans and that is the only reason they are known as working bee. The striped bees actually work in the field to collect nectars from the flower and return to their hive and start transforming the raw nectar into honey. It takes time for this transformation and since they have to eat for their living, they drink the nectar and regurgitate it repeatedly.

2. Northern Shrike:

Northern Shrike is a song bird that is native to Southern Canada and the Northern United States. The most interesting fact about them is that they hunt for insects or small vertebrates and pin them in plant thorns, barbed wires or even spiny stalks. This is because so they can eat only the parts they need. So it helps them to eat their prey in small parts what they need and even return again for more. Even they pin some poisonous insects and wait for few days to dry out all the poisons from their body.

3. Red Squirrel:

In other word you will have to say this animal is an intelligent one and not less than humans. During the summer time, the red squirrel starts gathering nuts and grains to stock it for the whole year. In winter there is a scarcity of food and so that gather all the foods during the summertime and keep it for the winter. Even if they face any scarcity of food during the winter time, the poke holes in the maple tree and then wait for the maple syrup to drip from the center. Really they are dedicated foodies.

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4. Egyptian Vultures:

You will be amazed to know that this bird don’t have their power of smell and so they always depends on their vision for hunting. But they have a very interesting style of feeding themselves. As they are known to eat fruits and vegetables they are also known to eat even the feces. They have special technique of cracking the eggs and is the only known bird to eat eggs. Ostrich eggs are their favorite. But an ostrich egg is very big in size for them to pickup. So instead of picking the eggs, they throw stones on the eggs to crack them up and then have their meal.

5. Leaf Cutter Ant:

This ant species is the only ant species that differs from the other ants in food habit. Some scientists even call them as farmer ants as they are known to cultivate their own crops. They use their scissor like mandibles to cut leaves from the plants carries the leaf pieces back to their home where these pieces of leaves are piled and put to compost. They add their saliva into the heap which acts as a fertilizer to grow fungus. Later they use the fungus to feed their larvae.

6. Burying Beetle:

This bee has been named because of their food preparation method. You will hardly find any other animal who follows the same way to preserve their food. Like we refrigerate our foods to preserve it for a long time, these insect also use their preservation method to keep food fresh without growing any bacteria. When this beetle finds a dead bird or a rodent they get set for preparing the food for their young ones. They cover the whole dead animal with their oral secretion which is anti bacterial and as a result slow the decay process. Then they dig a hole and lines the area with the fur of the dead animal and puts the preserved animal in the tomb and makes a nest right next to it for the young ones so that it becomes easy for the larvae to feed on it. This total preservation takes about 8 hours.

7. Japanese Macaque:

It is always said that this species of monkey is a bit well civilised and more intelligent. Actually they feed themselves on fruits, insects and plants but interestingly, they always wash their food before eating. Scientists say that they not only wash it in the water because of cleaning it, but they also put it into the salt water because of seasoning.

8. Crocodile:

Crocodiles are famous for their large and sharp teeth and so it is obvious that they will use their teeth for chewing their food. But no, the process is a bit different. They actually use their chompers to catch and hold the prey in a grip before they swallow it. So no use of teeth. But they only use their teeth for large animals for blending.

9. Nursery Web Spider:

Purely this spider knows how to romance or take a female for a date or mate. This spider will take any insect that has landed on their web and pack it in a beautiful silk like a gift. Now he will gift it to a lady spider whom he finds attractive. Now while the female spider enjoys the food the male spider mates with her. Are you really amazed by their intelligence?

10. Giant Anteater:

You have obviously seen this amazing animal eating ants from the trees. But eating ants are not that easy as it looks. After opening a tree trunk, they have to react quickly for eating them as because ants are dangerous and always ready to fight with anyone. So they use their long jaws to collect their meals and their saliva acts as a glue. But anteaters don’t have teeth instead of that they have hard growths on the inside of their mouth which acts as food processors. They can eat thousand of ants in few minutes.

Now you have got an idea that animals also have almost similar cooking techniques like humans do. So they are not that simple as we think. Animals are truly intelligent and in some matters even better than humans. Here you got an idea about the animals who have weird eating functionality, so to know more such amazing facts about wild animals, check out our blog.