20 Animals Weird Eating and Pooping Facts

The animal kingdom is full of interesting facts and surprises. We only get to know about few of those things. Starting from their eating habits to sleeping habits to peeing and pooping habits, every other animal has some insanity in them. Some of the animals posses such weird eating and pooping habits that are just beyond our imagination. And we bet you didn’t know many of those fascinating facts. So just make a hot cup of coffee for yourself and go through this animals weird eating and pooping facts and we are sure, you are gonna get awestruck. Some of them are too cute to look at but their weird habits…oh god. Let’s go through it.

Animals Weird Eating and Pooping Facts:

1. Sloths and their human-poop diet:

So smelly. But true. This harmless, slow animal shows a real interest for human poops. Scientists have explained this habit saying that they do so to gain the remaining nutrition from the human poop. Now you decide whether this eating fact is weird or not.

2. Koala’s weird pooptastic Fact:

Koalas are sweet to look at and the baby koalas are the epitome of cuteness. But do you know what do they eat when they are too big to drink mom’s milk but not so big to switch to the leafy diet? Getting some smell? Yes, they do rely upon their mother’s poop. They do so to get certain bacteria in their gut.

3. And elephants are no less:

Even I didn’t see this coming. They are majestic and we all respect them, right? If you want to maintain this image about them then skip this point. And now revealing the secret, elephants eat their fellow friend’s poop happily.

4. Monkey’s poop investigation:

Well, this fact somehow seems to be meaningful to me. Monkeys look through poop to find insects to eat. Some birds also do the same.

5. Vulture’s Smart poop fact:

And you thought only we try to keep our feet clean. Vultures are no less. After they end up eating all the rotten flesh and things, they poop on their feet. Why? Their poop contains certain bacteria to kill all the germs and bacteria from their feet.

6. Dung spider looks like poop:

Why? Is this a go as you like a show and they are asked to look as ugly as they can? No, no. Dung spiders look like bird’s poop so that they can be safe from the attack of birds. Cool, man?

7. Poop as a defense mechanism:

Yes, rats do that. They poop everywhere because when they are attacked in the wild, they use it as strong fight response.

8. Eat upside down:

Try this at home, you can never do this. But Flamingos can. Actually, flamingoes can only eat when their heads are upside down.

9. Deer can’t eat hay:

Yes, they are herbivores. But like other herbivore animals, they can’t eat hay. Weird, we know.

10. Cow’s poop and repeat cycle:

And this one is a height of bizarre. Cows, on average, poop 16 times a day!

11. Bats with super eating ability:

Not even kidding, Bats have a super eating capability. A bat can eat up to 1000 insects per hour.

12. Mouse eats up its own tail:

Mouse tends to eat up its own tail. It is weird; there is no doubt in it. But it has a purpose. Actually, when their tails somehow get hurt and get infected, they mainly try to get rid of it by eating it off.

13. Houseflies vomit and then eat:

A housefly at first regurgitates on its own food, makes it tender and then eats it.

14. Sloth’s weekly pooping routine:

And again sloths come on our list for their weird habits. They only defecate once a week and that too only on the ground. I mean why?

15. Crocodiles and stones:

It seems strange to us but again crocodiles eat stones purposefully. It helps them in digestion, helps them to acquire better swimming skills.

16. Rabbits love their own poop:

Stanger than fiction. They are so loyal to their own poops. Rabbits will eat whatever kind of poop appears at their rear-ends.

17. Capybaras are selective poop-eaters:

Unlike rabbits, they are a bit selective poop eaters. Being the largest rodents of the world, they eat up their soft, green poops as these have still some nutrition left in them.

18. Tear-drinking moths:

They are a must mention. They go for the larger animals and poke into their eyes and when they cry, these moths drink their tears. Like really.

19. The hygienic Japanese Macaque:

Just don’t think that these macaques eat their food by only picking them up. They use to wash their food before eating it. At least we should learn from them.

20. Honeybees and their tedious job:

To end with, how can we forget these little gourmets? They collect flower nectar and then process it to make honey and in between that process, they eat it up and then again vomit it to give the final form of honey. It takes a lot more effort to be a chef, right?

We know you enjoyed reading this article and these animals weird eating and pooping facts have amazed you altogether. Now it is right up to you whom will you crown as the weirdest of all…?