Can French Bulldog Puppies coexist with cats in a household?

In a multi-pet home arrangement, a progressive owner with an abundance of love for animals, and willing to add a new entry to his/her collection, can sometimes be put off by an odd old-age stereotype. Is it true that cute French Bulldog puppies can get along well with cats? Should I start looking for Frenchies puppies for sale near me?

Cats and dogs are indeed commonly portrayed as archenemies. But French Bulldog puppies prove they can be great buddies with felines. What is important is to properly introduce the two sides to each other’s presence. This way they adjust and live on in a peaceful, harmonious fashion, and you will never regret picking a Frenchie puppy.

Every Frenchie puppy, just like any dog, will show a unique reaction to the presence of a cat. Some Frenchie puppies will be happy and welcoming, while others less so. One of the following aspects may be the key here.

The already established socialization routine. Is this the fist time ever that your puppy meets a cat? It’s always better to test beforehand how comfortable your beloved French Bulldog puppies feel in a shared environment with any kitty.

Genders. Mixing same-sex pets would be more likely to cause unease with both of them. Male dogs and cats are known to be more territorial. Introduction matters a lot as well. The way you introduce your newbie Frenchie puppy to a cat will effect how well the two will get along.

What make French Bulldog Puppies good cat companions

Frenchie Puppies are inherently more friendly towards cats than other breeds. This is why French Bulldog puppies are such a hit with multi-pet households. They are affectionate, they were historically bred for companionship, to accept other pets and humans alike.

French Bulldog puppies need someone to share their time (and their love) with. They hate being left alone. If there’s no way anyone steps in to fill the gap while all family members are away, a cat may be useful as a deputizing companion of sorts.

Dogs are naturally driven by prey-chasing instincts. With Frenchie puppies in house, this is easily manageable and never a concern. French Bulldog puppies would not chase your cat, and you would always retain a strong peace of mind.

While no ideal “remote control” exists for house pets, some “in-built” traits with French Bulldog puppies will be of much help to smooth out any inter-animal interaction. Frenchies are playful, but never in excess. French Bulldog puppies will not go overboard damaging furniture (and harming a kitten!). Not only that. Switching to a couch-potato mode after a limited, intense energy release, they would happily lounge alongside your cat. A Frenchie and a kittie nestling together is a picture any multi-pet owner can attest to.

Still, proper supervision is advised when you are looking for French Bulldog puppies.